Your Ultimate Guide to Exploring Rural Goa

Think of Goa, and the mind is instantly occupied by words such as ‘beaches’, ‘sun’, ‘sand’, and ‘party’. Such is the image that Goa has created for itself on the way to becoming the undisputed long weekend getaway in the country. But there’s more to the former Portuguese colony than what meets the eye. Beneath […]

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The LaLiT New Delhi

A magnificent stay at The LaLiT New Delhi

Experience five-star hotel living in the national capital at The LaLiT. The modern-deco landmark unfurls into the busy streets of Connaught Place filled with numerous stores and eateries. Enjoy the city’s exhilarating whirlwind, and then return to the serenity and luxury of The LaLiT New Delhi. It is an opulent experience from start to finish, […]

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Baluchi Serves a Baisakhi Feast

An Indian festival hardly feels like one without a burst of colour, joy and of course, lots and lots of food! Bringing to life the spirit of Baisakhi, Baluchi has prepared a delectable feast for foodies across Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Chandigarh and Bengaluru. Especially crafted by Chef Nandita Karan, Executive Chef of The LaLiT Chandigarh, […]

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Tulip Festival

Celebrate Spring at the Tulip Festival in Kashmir

Behind the fabled tulips of Kashmir lies a poignant story. Many thousands of years ago, a lost flower bulb found itself wandering far away from home. It passed by the gardens of Persia, the streets of Turkey, the walls of China, and it wasn’t until it reached a valley some call paradise that it settled […]

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4 Cocktails at The LaLiT Mumbai To Try Right Now

Cocktails are always a good idea. Weekend or no weekend, sipping on a delicious cocktail is a great way to distress and end your day on a tasteful note. From old-fashioned classics to exciting modern mixes, there’s something to match everyone’s taste. To make sure you find your preferred mix, we’ve put together this list […]

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