4 Best Ways to Spend Your Day in Delhi

Ways to Spend Your Day in Delhi

Delhi is an amalgamation of varying emotions. This little city is not so little when it comes to the character and magnificence of the place. It lives up to its promise of luxury, comfort, success, serenity, madness, struggle, rejection, and ambition all at once. Delhi exudes vibes like none other. It is a fast-paced city but will surprise you with its little tranquil hide-outs. You will find opulence and humbleness in its gastronomical offerings and you will experience flamboyance in its most unassuming form. This city needs you to survive and thrive in its exuberance and offers you the best ways to conquer it. 

1. Rejuvenate And Relax

Rejuve The Spa New Delhi

The fast-paced of the capital city can get to you every now and then; rejuvenation from time to time becomes imperative. Without self-care and pampering, Delhi can bog you down. Good for you, Delhi offers some of the best spas to unwind and relax. Escape from the hustle-bustle of the city right into our state-of-the-art– Rejuve- the spa. Lose yourself to momentary tranquillity with a wide range of therapies to choose from. Whether you opt for aromatic, Ayurvedic, herbal, or any other natural therapies, you will come out healed and ready to take on the energy of this city. Don’t forget to cool down at our temperature-controlled pool and have a cocktail while you are at it. 

2. Eat. Feast. Repeat

OKO New Delhi

When your stomach is satiated, your heart and mind become happy. And if you are a foodie, Delhi will never disappoint. Those of you who live to eat and like trying out new culinary experiences need to head over to one of the numerous restaurants at The LaLiT New Delhi where acclaimed chefs will leave your tastebuds tantalized. Enjoy the finest PAN Asian at OKO, our award-winning restaurant, or grab some gourmet freshly baked goodies from the LaLiT Boulangerie. Commit gluttony and eat your Indian heart out at Baluchi which serves the most authentic Indian dishes. Food is love and you need a copious amount of this kind of loving in a city like Delhi.

3. Party Like There Is No Tomorrow

Party New Delhi

Letting your hair down and grabbing those cocktails are much needed in a city like Delhi. Lucky for you, this city boasts some of the best bars and clubs offering unique experiences. It is true when they say, no one can party as a Delhiite can. Areas such as Connaught Place, Hauz Khas Village, GK M Block Market, Cyber Hub, Sector 29 Gurgaon etc. are replete with clubs and bars where one can socialize and have a gala time with loved ones. Dancing is a form of therapy and heading to any of these places is surely going to be an experience in itself and a perfect escape from the daily hectic life.

4. Staycate And Recuperate!!


What better way to thrive, than with an enjoyable and indulgent staycation right in the heart of the city at one of the most amazing 5 star hotels in Delhi. Sensibility and style permeate each room that is beautifully curated and subtly luxurious. Don’t lift a finger and just absorb all the goodness The LaLiT has to offer.  

With some of the best 5-star hotels in Delhi offering unmatched experiences, you can truly enhance your living in the capital city of Delhi. The LaLiT New Delhi is also a great option if you are looking for a wedding venue in Delhi or if some of your friends and family need to check into a 5 Star Hotel Near Delhi Airport

July 11, 2022

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