11 Places That Have The Best Christmas Celebration In India

Cultural diversity is the very essence of India. Every festival is celebrated in our country with equal enthusiasm, and rightly so. People from different cities celebrate each festive occasion differently. If you travel during the upcoming Christmas season, you are in for a delightful surprise. Whether you want to party it up or experience a laid-back X-mas eve with your loved ones, you can find it all in India. 

Midnight masses, beach parties, hearty meals, lit-up markets and more just make up for a tiny glimpse into the best Christmas celebrations in India. If you are yet to make plans for your vacation, add the following places to visit on Christmas in India to your list, and you won’t be disappointed.

11 Best Places To Celebrate Christmas In India

1. Goa

Goa in Christmas
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While Goa is instated as the party capital of the country all-year round, the state comes even more to life during the advent season. Portuguese influence combined with a vast Roman Catholic population makes Goa one of the best places to celebrate Christmas In India. Besides attending the nightlong beach parties, you should surely add exploring the special midnight mass at Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral and Santa Cruz Church to your itinerary. The state also has several dance events and parties, such as the one at The LaLiT Golf and Spa Resort Goa, which will light up your X-Mas celebrations.

2. Shillong

Shillong In Christmas
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A peaceful yet enjoyable Christmas awaits you in the northeastern city of Shillong. Home to a sizeable Catholic population, the people of Shillong celebrate the advent season by decorating their houses. You can witness a group or two singing sweet carols on the streets here. The city also has amazing bakeries that stock delicious cakes and decadent desserts. Make sure to dress up in your best clothes as you attend the midnight mass at Mary Help of Christians Cathedral and other churches. It is one of the primary spectacles of Christmas besides the lightning up of a century-old fur tree in Shillong.

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3. Delhi NCR

Delhi Christmas
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The ever-bustling capital city celebrates every festival fervently, and Christmas is no exception to this norm. Whether you want to party, dine out, enjoy flea markets, shop or explore the various busy areas of Delhi, the city does not disappoint in any aspect. Almost all areas of the city light up for the celebration, including famous churches such as St. Alphonsa’s Church, St. James’ Church and Sacred Heart Cathedral Church. We at The LaLiT New Delhi, love to add to the festivities by making your stay both comfortable and fun with our Christmas special events to help you leave the city full of memorable experiences. 

4. Mumbai

Navi Mumbai Mall
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Much like any other festival, Mumbai celebrates Christmas with umpteen enthusiasm. Think beautifully decorated cathedrals, malls full of exciting decor, events, and markets lit up with Christmas trees. The advent season in Mumbai is a delightful experience you will never forget. The midnight mass at churches such as the Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount and the Afghan Church is undoubtedly one of the top X-Mas activities. However, the city is also big on celebrating the festivities with parties and what better than the one happening at The LaLiT Mumbai? Just book your stay and experience the amazing celebrations for yourself.

5. Pondicherry

Immaculate Conception Church
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One of the leading tourist destinations in India to celebrate Christmas, Pondicherry offers its patrons the best weather, beaches and fun activities to revel in. This union territory has a considerable French influence, and the presence of gothic churches, including Domus Dei Cathedral and Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, make the X-Mas celebrations here extremely popular. Once you have attended the festivities, you can explore the various attractions of Pondicherry, such as Paradise Beach, Auroville and Ousteri Lake.

6. Kolkata

Park Street Kolkata
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The City Of Joy is one of the best places to experience Christmas festivities in India. Kolkata hosts a variety of activities during the advent season with light and sound exhibitions, streets decorated with bright lights and rock & roll band performances. St. Philomena’s Cathedral, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Basilica of Bom Jesus are just a few of the many churches you can head to witness the midnight celebrations. If you are in the mood to party the night away after checking out the city’s attractions, you can book your stay with us at The LaLiT Great Eastern Kolkata. 

7. Manali

Manali Christmas
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Manali is the place to go if you want to spend your Christmas perched up high amidst the snowy mountains. Touted as a winter wonderland, you can spend your vacation in Manali skiing, building snowmen and visiting the churches including Gilgal Prayer House church and Arcot Lutheran Church located here. Take a visit to the bustling Mall Road, lined with unique shops and cute bakeries that will leave you spoilt for choice with their special X-Mas delicacies.

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8. Kerala

St. Francis Church
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Stunning beaches, picturesque backwaters and plenty of Christmas activities await you during your vacation in Kerala. The picturesque state lights up for the festive season, with churches such as Basilica of our Lady of Dolores Church, Edathua Church and St. Francis Church being the centre of attraction. While here, you can witness the Christmas play, sing carols, and attend the midnight mass. Several beaches also have bonfires where you can just sit back and relax. Add essence to your vacation by attending our annual Christmas celebrations at The LaLiT Resort & Spa Bekal. Not only will it be a night to remember, but you will also head home with numerous unforgettable memories.

9. Daman And Diu

Daman And Diu
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The otherwise quiet Union Territory of Daman and Diu comes alive during Christmas owing to its Portuguese influence. Several cultural shows take place here, where you can check out Portuguese dance forms such as Corrindinho. Besides these, Daman and Diu have several cathedrals that light up for the midnight mass and even host an event that lights up the night sky with sky lamps. Once the festivities are over, you can go on an excursion to explore Diu’s beaches, including Nagoa and Ghogla Beach.

10. Chandigarh

Elante Mall Christmas Celebration
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The city of Chandigarh comes alive during the advent season. Brightly lit street markets, bustling malls and other festivities mark Christmas celebrations in the vibrant city. With our X-Mas celebrations at The LaLiT Chandigarh, we aim to add even more fervour and joy across the city. Indulge in great food, good music and an exceptional stay after you have explored the various amazing attractions of the city, such as the Rock Garden, Elante Mall, Sukhna Lake and Rose Gardens.

11. Bangalore

Phoenix Marketcity Bangalore
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Christmas celebrations in Bangalore are an exciting affair. The whole city is decked up for the occasion, including markets and malls where you can explore various events underway. Cathedrals such as St. Mary’s Basilica, Christian Fellowship Church and City Harvest AG Church are a must-visit if you want to attend the midnight mass and get in the festive spirit. Besides indulging in the best holiday delicacies, such as rum-soaked cake at The LaLiT Ashok Bangalore, you can also participate in the annual X-Mas party full of laughter, dance and lots of fun.

Travelling during Christmas in India is one of the most exciting experiences you should witness at least once in a lifetime. 

What are you waiting for? Get that Christmas travel plans started!

April 1, 2023

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