Destination Wedding In Jaipur: Complete Checklist

Destination Wedding in Jaipur

With easy access to beautiful locations, hosting a destination wedding has become the new trend with more and more people wanting to celebrate their special day surrounded by their closest ones. Among so many others, Jaipur has always been a top choice for a destination wedding for most Indians. The reasons range from the picture-perfect venues to the regal essence that the city emanates and its delicious cuisine, the list really goes on. Jaipur, also known as the Pink City, demonstrates a royal history, vibrant culture, and easy connectivity, this makes it a great destination wedding venue to host a magnificent and traditional wedding. Not only is Jaipur the perfect place to get married, but it also houses some of the best markets and brands that cater to your wedding checklist including clothes, jewellery, and wedding favours.

Whether you wish to make it a grand affair by turning it into a big fat Indian wedding or keep it close-knit and intimate, Jaipur makes it convenient for you either way as the destination makes you travel back in time with its rich architecture and picturesque surroundings. 

If you are a couple planning a destination wedding in Jaipur, there are some things you need to take into consideration before you immerse yourself in the process. Worry not, cause we have compiled a comprehensive checklist to help make your planning process as simple as possible.

1. Set a budget

Wedding Budget
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A prerequisite for planning any event is taking into account your budget. Destination wedding costs in Jaipur can vary depending upon the venue, the number of guests, food preferences, decor, the number of wedding functions and several other factors. Make sure to set aside a budget for everything that you would want to be included in your wedding process including the cost of the main functions, clothes, jewellery and other accessories. You must also take into account whether you would like to include your guests’ flight or railway tickets in this budget.

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2. Pick the Venue

Wedding in Jaipur

Jaipur being a tourist attraction has a number of hotels and wedding venues. However, the perfect venue for your wedding can only be decided as per your wishes and the number of guests you wish to host. If you’ve picked Jaipur as your destination, chances are, you want to make it grand. That said, The LaLiT Jaipur makes for an ideal place to host your wedding as it offers 231 rooms, several indoor and outdoor venues and world-class amenities to make your dream wedding come true. Its majestic haveli architecture, Crystal Ballroom, Central Courtyard and Party Lawn are designed to give you all the royal feels you would want on your wedding day.

3. Accommodation for Friends and Family

The LaLiT Accommodation

If there is one thing that makes a traditional Indian wedding a happy occasion, it is surely the joy and enthusiasm of your wedding guests. Their comfort should be an utmost priority during your wedding and therefore you need to pick only the best accommodation. The LaLiT Jaipur ensures that your guests receive the highest quality of service and amenities as they come in to celebrate your special day. 

4. Food and Decor

Wedding buffet
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Delicious food and beautiful decor should be a top priority when planning a wedding. Since you plan on hosting your wedding in Jaipur, you should surely consider adding traditional Rajasthani dishes to the menu. Besides food, you can also plan a Rajasthani theme-based function be it a welcome dinner or Mehendi. There are several hotels in Jaipur that offer exceptional food and decor options you can select from.

5. Travel and Conveyance

Travel and Conveyance
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A destination wedding means that you will be welcoming your guests from across the country and even abroad. Hence, arranging their conveyance is important to help them travel to and fro from the airport.

6. Wedding Entertainment

Wedding Entertainment

An Indian wedding is incomplete without the right kind of entertainment. Be it a DJ night, a live band or traditional singers, you should pick your wedding celebration’s entertainment based upon what you like and the kind of guests attending the event. Make sure it makes your big day memorable and lets you and your guests enjoy it to the fullest.

Planning a destination wedding can be exciting but at the same time it is also a hectic process and this is where this ultimate checklist comes in handy. The LaLiT Jaipur, which is among the finest destination wedding venues in Jaipur, aims to make your special day even more special with its world-class hospitality, amenities and services. You can connect with our Wedding Specialists to gain expert insights and make your wedding planning process as simple and fun as possible.

September 2, 2022

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