Delhi Shopping Festival 2023: All You Need To Know

Delhi Shopping Festival

Delhi, the bustling capital of India, is a pandora box of culture, history, delicious cuisines and unique markets. The city has plenty to offer its visitors from all over the world. Historic buildings, temples, heritage sites, museums and shopping arenas are just a few of the many things available for the excursion for all tourists. Besides the renowned tourist attractions, Delhi also hosts several exciting events ranging from exhibitions to food festivals and now the infamous Delhi Shopping Festival.

An ambitious project by the government, Delhi Shopping Festival 2023, will be a month-long extravaganza that will take place across the various well-known markets of the city. This shopping festival in Delhi aims to proliferate the city’s rich culture and offerings to residents and travellers from all over the world. The festival will also generate employment opportunities for Delhiites and will significantly impact the city’s economy.

  • Start Date: 28th January 2023
  • End Date: 26th February 2023

All About The Delhi Shopping Festival

  • Delhi Shopping Festival will be a month-long affair and is touted as one of the largest shopping festivals in the whole country. To simplify the shopping process for the sellers and shoppers, the city will be divided into five zones: North, West, East, South and Central. 
  • The festival will also host an exhibition around art and literature themes, health and spirituality, environmental impacts, gaming and technology. 
  • This shopping festival in Delhi will take place across 15 iconic markets and ten malls selected by the government, considering various factors.
  • The city will be lit up, especially the various markets and malls.
  • The festival will have brand recognition programs so that the appropriate audience can enjoy the festival and shop for desired goods. 
  • Special discounts on shopping will be offered throughout the festival.

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What To Expect At The Delhi Shopping Festival

While the festival is primarily around shopping and promoting trade in Delhi, this is not all the festival will have in store for the people. Here are a few exciting things you can look forward to at the Delhi Shopping Festival 2023.

  • Opening Ceremony: The opening ceremony will be a grand affair with performances by celebrities, musicians, singers and other artists. You can even win a ticket to this ceremony by participating in a city-wide contest. 
  • Closing Ceremony: This event will showcase Delhi’s rich history and culture through art and special performances. There will also be a special ceremony to celebrate the ‘heroes’ as well as the iconic markets of the city.
  • There will be something for everyone at the festival: dedicated shopping hours, porter service, talent hunts, and free golf cart rides for fuss-free movement for shopping enthusiasts and homemakers. 
  • Children and young adults can enjoy several organised activities such as competitions, rides, games, dance performances, magic and puppet shows, and interesting food stalls for ice cream and fast food. 
  • The Elderly can revel in the festival as there will be dedicated shopping hours, friendly amenities and special rebates and reserved seatings organised for them. 
  • Almost 200 concerts are planned to play out during the festival.
  • The festival will also focus on food with the city’s special delicacies, along with international fares being on full display for travellers to enjoy. There will also be food walks across the city.
  • Over the weekends, you can enjoy comedy shows, celebrity gigs and concerts that will be organised in each zone.
  • The Delhi government is also organising special packages in collaboration with travel agencies so that people from abroad and other states can enjoy the festival. 

Delhi Shopping Festival: Other Details

The festival will start on 28th January 2023 and end on 26th February 2023. Visitors from all walks of life can experience this month-long extravagant festival. 

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January 20, 2023

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