7 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Christmas Weekend In Delhi

Christmas Weekend in Delhi

As the festive spirit envelops Delhi in a warm embrace, there’s no better time to revel in the joyous atmosphere and make the most of your Christmas weekend. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Delhi offers a plethora of exciting Christmas party ideas, events, and festivities that promise to elevate your holiday experience. Whether you’re exploring the city’s iconic landmarks, hosting your own Christmas party, or indulging in delicious treats, the capital promises a memorable yuletide experience for everyone. 

Join us on a journey through the city’s heart as we explore 7 ways to celebrate the yuletide season in style.

Visit Churches

Visit Churches 
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Sacred Heart Cathedral Church

At Sacred Heart Cathedral Church in Delhi, Christmas is celebrated with a magical midnight Mass. The cathedral is adorned with lights and Christmas decorations, creating a warm and joyful atmosphere. The choir’s melodious carols fill the air as families gather to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. The celebration fosters unity, reflection, and a sense of community, embodying the true spirit of Christmas with love, peace, and giving. This experience should not be missed as you prepare to celebrate Christmas weekend in Delhi.

Address: 1, Ashok Place, Sector 4, Gole Market, New Delhi

St. Alphonsa’s Church

St. Alphonsa’s Church stands as a beacon of spiritual tranquillity and community in the bustling city. Named after Saint Alphonsa, the first Indian woman to be canonized as a saint, the church exudes a serene ambiance. With its elegant architecture and serene interiors, it serves as a sacred space for worship and reflection. During Christmas time, St. Alphonsa’s Church transforms into a place of festive jubilation and spiritual resonance. The church’s graceful architecture is adorned with twinkling lights, creating a warm and welcoming ambiance. The joyous echoes of Christmas carols fill the air as the congregation comes together for special Masses and celebratory services. 

Address: 9. Green Avenue Road, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Attend Vibrant Christmas Events and Markets

Attend Vibrant Christmas Events and Markets
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The Sorbet Soiree Christmas Market

Held at the beautiful Sunder Nursery, The Sorbet Soiree Christmas Market brings together the best of drinks, food, fashion, lifestyle, music, and art. The market also hosts special events for kids and even your furry friends. The market features several homegrown brands that offer everything ranging from home decor to fresh goods. Whether you are looking for Christmas party decorations or spending time with your family eating delicious food, this market, being held on 23rd December, Saturday, is a fun-filled event that shouldn’t be missed. 

Address: Sunder Nursery, Bharat Scouts and Guides Marg, Opposite Humayun Tomb Park, Nizamuddin, National Zoological Park, Sundar Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110013, India

London Christmas Market 2023 

If you wish to shop your heart out for the festive and winter season beyond, then the London Christmas Market being held in Gurugram should definitely be on your itinerary. The latest fashion trends available in this market are all about wearability and mixing up your favorite styles for the colder months. You can easily take your friends and family along for a fun-filled day of shopping. 

Address: Dlf City Club 4, Gurugram 

Open Air Cinema 

If your idea of a Christmas party includes watching holiday movies while indulging in winter treats, then this event is for you. You can enjoy the famous movie Home Alone, under the stars, with your friends or family on the 23rd of December. This offbeat way of celebrating Christmas in Delhi is surely an exciting one. 

Address: Sunset Cinema Club – Noida, Jasola and CyberHub

Explore Monuments

Explore Monuments 
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This Christmas weekend, embark on a unique and offbeat adventure by exploring the monumental wonders of Delhi. Step away from the traditional Christmas party and dive into the rich history and culture that the city’s landmarks offer. Wander through the sprawling Mughal-era Red Fort, adorned with lights that add a festive touch to its grandeur. Marvel at the intricate architecture of Humayun’s Tomb, which takes on a mystical charm during the holiday season. Stroll through the historic lanes of Chandni Chowk, where the aroma of street food mingles with the spirit of Christmas. As you soak in the vibrant energy of India Gate, consider a picnic with friends and family in the nearby Lutyens’ Delhi. Embracing the monuments of Delhi during Christmas not only offers a fun-filled experience but also a unique perspective on the city’s rich heritage, making it a memorable and unconventional holiday celebration.

Indulge In A Staycation

Indulge In A Staycation 
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Another great way to enjoy the Christmas season in Delhi is to book a laidback staycation with The LaLiT New Delhi. Our wide range of amenities, including Rejuve- The Spa and Art Junction, will keep you occupied with relaxing activities. As one of the leading 5-star hotels in Delhi, we are also home to award-winning restaurants such as OKO and Baluchi, where you can experience the best of gastronomic delights from across the world. If you get in the mood to party, you can always head to Kitty Su for a night of revelry! 

So get ready to make the most of your Christmas weekend in Delhi now!

December 22, 2023

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