Champagne And Candlelit Dinner: 3 Romantic Getaways in Mumbai To Plan Your Next Date

Romantic Gateways

The beauty of romance often lies in the little moments you share with your beloved and treasure for the rest of your life. One of them, of course, is the candlelit dinner getaway. 

They say the quickest way to the heart is through the stomach, but the satiating dinner course is just one of the elements that make such an evening worthwhile. The place, the ambiance, the music, and the conversation add to the romantic vibe and set the heart aflutter. Hence, you need to pour your heart into planning the best romantic candlelit dinner in Mumbai – something we are here to help you with. 

From tickling your taste buds at one of the best 5 star restaurants in Mumbai like OKO at The LaLiT Mumbai to setting up a splendid session of spa and cocktails by the pool, here are 3 romantic getaways in Mumbai to plan your next date:

1. Relish PAN Asian Gastronomy at OKO

OKO Restaurant Mumbai

If your partner and you love your fair share of epicurean delights, then prepare to enjoy the finest PAN Asian candlelit dinner for two at OKO. Our award-winning restaurant at The LaLiT Mumbai serves quite a delish with lots of tantalizing options to pick from- Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Korean. Let the ambient music and soft setting charm you and your date into hearty conversations as you savour authentic delicacies and laugh over champagne. A night to remember!

2. Ride the Waves of Romance on a Yacht

Yatch in Mumbai

Perhaps your next romantic candlelit dinner getaway can be amongst the sea and the stars? Rent a yacht in Mumbai and sail out into the Arabian Sea to let your heart sway with the waves. A thrilling experience par excellence, a yacht dinner is sure to bring you closer to your date and spark the romance you have been craving for.

3. Relax in Each Other’s Company at Rejuve – The Spa

Rejuve The Spa Mumbai

If you want more than just a stunning dinner for your romantic getaway, then booking a staycation at The LaLiT Mumbai – one of the finest 5-star spa hotels in Mumbai is a worthy prospect. Enjoy each other’s company away from the hustle-bustle at our Rejuve – The Spa. Lose yourself to serenity with holistic aroma, Ayurvedic, herbal, and other natural therapies, and let healing touch your hearts. Afterward, you can enjoy the all-weather outdoor pool with your favourite cocktails for a cool evening you and your loved one will not forget quickly.

The LaLiT Mumbai

Whichever option you pick; you will find the spectacular environs of The LaLiT Mumbai, an irresistible setting for your next dinner getaway. As one of the most luxurious wedding hotels in Mumbai, The LaLiT Mumbai knows how to get the lavish romantic mood right with its suite of 5-star offerings for you and your beloved. Happy romance!  

July 8, 2022

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