Travel Trails For the Wanderers In Goa

Things To Do In Goa

A place that never sleeps.

What is the one place that comes to mind when you hear this epithet? New York? Mumbai, perhaps? Those bitten by the travel bug will name a very different one. For the wanderer at heart, the only place that qualifies is the beautiful and vibrant seaside destination – Goa.

The one fact that every Goa aficionado can testify to is that this is one of the best places to visit in India that offers you a mind boggling variety of experiences. When someone asks about the top things to do in Goa, we say, there is just something for everyone. Goa is perfect for every traveller from the leisurely beach lover to the party goer, from the architecture and museum seeker to the adventure enthusiast, and from a food connoisseur to the club hopper. However, we can all attest to one fact – the destination truly comes alive after sundown.

Here Are 4 Of The Best Things To Do In Goa After Sundown

1. Where the Party Never Ends

Goa Night Party
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Party life and clubbing are possibly at the very heart of Goanese culture. The night is always young, and the party is always at its peak in Goa’s nightclubs. The LaLiT Spa and Resort, is among the very few 5 star hotels in Goa with private beaches which hosts vibrant private parties for its guests. Nothing gets more exciting!

2. Tryst With Destiny



Goa is the place to experience luxurious casino life. Goa’s all-night casinos are just what you need to try your hand at a bit of gambling and experience a whole lot of entertainment. Live the high life with friends for company and food served by some of the top chefs in the country. Head out to Casino Dice and experience it for yourself!

3. Flea Market By Night

Goa Night Market
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If you are a regular, you know that nothing compares with the fun of haggling and shopping in Goa’s flea markets and bazaars. And you can also find a lot of food, trinkets, and keepsakes for a steal. The Mackie’s Saturday Night Bazaar and the Arpora Saturday Night Flea Market are only among the many night markets that open up a world of fun and shopping.

4. Shacks or Restaurants?

Goa Restaurants

Stargazing at night on one of the sandy beaches of Goa and in the mood for a quick bite? Chances are you will find some of the shacks open all night, serving up the best of local food. Looking to fine dine late at night? Goa has that covered too. You will find some of the best-rated restaurants in Goa, like Canacona at The LaLiT Golf & Spa Resort Goa open 24×7. Goa sure does know to how to keep you happy and entertained at all hours.

Taking long strolls on the beach, going on romantic cruises, visiting a no-noise party, trying a night-time safari – these are only a few of the numerous activities Goa has lined up for you. So, what are you waiting for, book a ticket, try the offbeat things to do in Goa and we’re sure it will be one amongst your top places to visit in India recommendation too!

August 18, 2022

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