Science City Kolkata: What Makes It A Must-Visit Spot

Science City Kolkata

Kolkata is known as one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. The City Of Joy is a bustling metropolis that has retained much of its old-world charm. From literature to films and science, Kolkata has given India some of the best jewels since the dawn of time. As a traveler, you will have a lot to explore in this city, including historical landmarks, busy markets, and iconic museums. One such amazing attraction is the Science City Kolkata, a unique city that contains and lets you experience everything science has to offer. 

Science City Kolkata was established in 1997 on the 1st of July. This city is the largest of its kind in India under the National Council of Science Museums and one of the largest science museums in the world. Science City in Kolkata was set up by the Ministry of Culture, and the mission of this city is the proliferation of science and technology. It is indeed carried out in a unique way here as it seamlessly combines education and fun. From an aquatic section to learn more about fishes and animals of the water to numerous science experiments on display, Science City Kolkata covers a vast variety of branches of science and is, therefore, a revered attraction for locals and tourists alike. 

Science City Kolkata Timing: 9:00 AM To 9:00 PM

Science City Kolkata Tickets: INR 65/-

Science City Kolkata Location: J.B.S. Haldane Avenue, Kolkata-700 046, West Bengal, India

Science City Kolkata Nearest Metro Station: Science City Metro Station

Exploring the Wonders of Science: Science City Kolkata

Science City Kolkata: Attractions 

Here are some of the best attractions that you should visit while in Science City. 

  1. Science Exploration Hall: A 5400 sq m hall offers a range of interactive and educational exhibits, such as Digital Panorama On Human Evolution, depicting the evolution of mankind through 3D projections, Evolution Of Life consisting of robotic animals and CGI that can be experienced on a moving car, and a dedicated section of Science and Technology Heritage of India. 
  1. Dynamotion Hall: The Dynamotion Hall is an immersive area of Science City, which is home to numerous attractions. A 39-section Aquarium with more than 1000 sea creatures from across the globe, a Butterfly Enclave, an Illusions section, the Power of 10 Exhibit and a Science Show complete with fun experiments are some of the highlights of the Dynamotion Hall. 
  1. Earth Exploration Hall: Housed in a two-storey hemispherical building, the Earth Exploration Hall is dedicated to the study of the Earth and its natural phenomena. Here, you can learn about earthquakes, volcanoes, weather patterns, and geological formations. The highlight of this hall is a simulated earthquake experience that demonstrates the effects of seismic activity.
  2. Evolution Park: The Evolution Park is an outdoor exhibit that presents an evolutionary journey through time. It features life-sized replicas of various species, from primitive organisms to modern animals, showcasing the concept of evolution and the diversity of life on Earth.
  3. Space Odyssey: Space Odyssey is an awe-inspiring exhibit that focuses on astronomy and space exploration. It includes the Helios Star Ball planetarium, which has 150 projectors that create special effects. The theatre here is located in a 23-meter diameter dome and has a seating capacity of up to 360 people. It offers captivating shows on various scientific subjects. One of the featured films is the 40-minute Astrovision film called “Adventures in Wild California,” which has been screening since June 2013.

In addition to the space theatre, Science City Kolkata offers a 3D vision theatre where you can enjoy a show based on a stereo back projection system. With the use of Polaroid spectacles, you can experience a mesmerising 3D effect during the presentation.

  1. Maritime Centre: A permanent section of the Science City, the Maritime Centre is dedicated to the exploration of maritime history, oceanography, and marine life. It offers insights into the world of seafaring, shipbuilding, and underwater ecosystems. You can explore interactive exhibits, learn about marine conservation, and even step aboard a replica of an ancient ship.
  2. Time Machine: The Time Machine is a unique exhibit that combines science and entertainment. It takes visitors on a virtual journey through history, allowing them to witness important historical events and experience different time periods using multimedia and special effects.
  1. Science on a Sphere: It is a fascinating exhibit that presents Earth and planetary data on a spherical screen. Using real-time satellite imagery, it displays various global phenomena, including weather patterns, climate change, and geological events, providing a better understanding of our planet’s dynamics.
  2. Outdoor Science Park: The Science Park is an outdoor area filled with interactive installations and exhibits, promoting scientific principles through play. You can engage in activities like a giant kaleidoscope, whispering dishes, musical fountains, and more, encouraging hands-on learning and discovery.
  3. Energy Park: The Energy Park showcases various renewable energy sources and sustainable technologies. Visitors can learn about solar power, wind energy, hydroelectricity, and other eco-friendly solutions through informative displays and interactive demonstrations.
  4. Convention Centre: Science City Kolkata also houses a Convention Centre, which serves as a venue for conferences, seminars, workshops, and other scientific events. It provides a platform for researchers, scientists, and educators to exchange knowledge and ideas, fostering scientific progress and innovation.
  5. Cable Cars: This fun mode of transportation takes you from the entry to the end of the park. You can enjoy an aerial view of the Maa Flyover and other landscapers of Kolkata, besides the complete view of the Science City itself. 

Science City Kolkata: Things To Do 

There are plenty of engaging activities and attractions to explore at Science City Kolkata. You can start by exploring the fascinating world of science through the interactive exhibits in the Science Exploration Hall, where you can participate in hands-on experiments and learn about various scientific disciplines. The Dynamotion Hall offers a captivating experience with its 3D theatre, showcasing educational films on a massive screen.

The Earth Exploration Hall offers insights into the Earth’s natural phenomena, including a simulated earthquake experience. Space enthusiasts can indulge in the wonders of astronomy at Space Odyssey, which features a planetarium and exhibits on space exploration. Additionally, the Evolution Park takes you on an evolutionary journey while the Maritime Centre delves into maritime history and marine life. The Science Park offers outdoor fun with interactive installations, and the Energy Park highlights renewable energy sources.

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Science City Kolkata: Entry Details

The city is open every day from 9:00 AM To 9:00 PM and has an entry fee of INR 65/-. Additional charges for rides and attractions include Space Theatre 2D- INR 80/-, Evolution Of Life – Dark Ride – INR 45/-, Time Machine- INR 40/-, Road Train- INR 25/-, Cable Car- INR 60/-, Panorama Show On Human Evolution- 60/- and Science On A Sphere – INR 40/-. 

Visit this exciting attraction in Kolkata to make the most of your time in the city.

October 23, 2023

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