Discover The Beauty of Gulmarg: The Top Must-Visit Places for Nature Lovers

Places To Visit in Gulmarg

Popularly called the ‘Meadow Of Flowers,’ Gulmarg is a haven for all those who admire the beauty of nature. The summer months in this hill station are marked by lush greenery, scenic flowers, and glistening water bodies. In winter, Gulmarg transforms into a white wonderland where people flock to ski and enjoy the snow. There are several beautiful places in Gulmarg which are a delight to witness. Whether it is the marvellous waterfalls or the sprawling meadows, the tourist places in Gulmarg are truly a natural wonder unlike any other.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Gulmarg that you should witness on your next trip to this picturesque hill station.

7 Places to Visit in Gulmarg

1. Gulmarg Gondola 

Gulmarg Gondola
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The Gondola ride at Gulmarg is the world’s second-highest and second-longest cable car. The ride takes thousands of tourists to and from the mesmerising Apharwat Mountain and travels up to a height of almost 4000 meters. During the Gondola ride, you can enjoy stunning views of Nanda Devi, LOC and Pir Panjali. The Apharwat mountain is one of the most famous Gulmarg tourist spots where you indulge in winter sports.  

2. Alpather Lake 

Alpather Lake 
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A scenic lake which stays frozen from November to June, Alpather is nestled between twin Apharwat mountains. The main site is 13km from Gulmarg, and this path is a famous trek trail which can be covered in a day and should not be missed by adventure enthusiasts. Alpather Lake is also a renowned spot for photography, and during summers, its aesthetics become brighter with lush green surroundings around it. 

3. Drung Waterfall

drung waterfall
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When we talk about Gulmarg sightseeing, Drung Waterfall cannot be missed. Located in Tangmarg Tehsil, this waterfall is a serene escape comprising clear glacier water and lush green flora during summer. The sight transforms in winter as the waterfall completely freezes over, and the falling water forms icicles. This beautiful waterfall should not be missed in either season, as it offers an experience unlike any other.

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4. Shrine Of Baba Reshi 

shrine of baba reshi
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The shrine of Baba Reshi is a sacred place for Muslims in Gulmarg. It is dedicated to Baba Reshi, a Sufi saint who lived in the 15th century and was a courtier of King Zain-ul-Abidin. The shrine is built in Persian and Mughal architecture and has carved Deodar pillars and lattice work on windows, which reflects the exemplary craftsmanship that has gone into creating it. The shrine attracts devotees and tourists annually and offers a serene and spiritual atmosphere. 

5. Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve

Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve
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A highlight of Gulmarg tourism, this Biosphere Reserve is home to numerous species of flora and fauna. This picturesque reserve is shrouded in greenery and is a haven for nature lovers. Musk Deer, an endangered species, is one of the highlights of this reserve, which is also home to Leopard, Hangul, Brown Bear and Red Fox. This reserve also has several migratory birds. Experiencing and watching these animals in their natural habitat is surely exciting. 

6. Strawberry Valley 

Strawberry Valley
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Strawberry Valley is a hidden gem in Gulmarg. It is located around 10 km away from the main town and offers a scenic view of snow-capped mountains and lush green fields. The valley is famous for its organic strawberries that grow in abundance during summer. You can visit the valley and enjoy plucking and tasting fresh strawberries. You can also indulge in various adventure activities such as parasailing, river rafting, biking, and climbing at this valley.

7. Outer Circle Walk

Outer Circle Walk
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One of the most famous Gulmarg Kashmir tourist places, Outer Circle Walk, is a popular trekking site. It is an 11 km loop that takes around four hours to complete. The trail starts from the Gulmarg Golf Course and goes around the valley, offering stunning views of the snow-clad mountains, including Nanga Parbat, pine forests, and flower gardens. The trail is suitable for beginners and experienced trekkers and can be done in any season.

Explore these exciting tourist places in Gulmarg for a memorable experience and to make the most out of your vacation to the remarkable state of Kashmir.

June 20, 2023

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