Lalbagh Botanical Garden: All You Need To Know

Lalbagh Botanical Garden

When we talk about Bangalore, the things that usually come to mind are corporate hustle, bustling nightlife and a city full of innovation and ideas. But beyond this hustle and bustle of the IT City lies its elaborate history, natural attractions and rich culture. Bangalore houses some of the most fantastic tourist sights, including Cubbon Park, Bangalore Palace, Bannerghatta National Park and more. 

Lalbagh Botanical Garden is one of the most popular attractions of the IT Hub of India, and rightly so. It is a sprawling green oasis that covers an area of 240 acres and is home to over 2000 species of plants from different parts of the world. Lalbagh Botanical Garden is not only a place for relaxation and recreation but also a centre for scientific research and education. Its rare species of Afghani, French, and Persian plants attract people from all over the world. Besides being home to a huge variety of flora, Lal Bagh Garden also has a herbarium, a library, a museum, a lake, a glasshouse, a rose garden, a bonsai garden, a rock garden, and several monuments and statues that are a delight to explore. 

Lalbagh Botanical Garden Ticket Price: INR 25/- (Adults) & Free For Kids Below 12 Years
Lalbagh Botanical Garden Timings: 6:00 AM To 7:00 PM

Lalbagh: History 

Lal Bagh Garden History
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Lalbagh, which means ”red garden” in Kannada, was first established by Hyder Ali, the ruler of Mysore, in 1760. He wanted to create a replica of the Mughal gardens he had seen in Delhi. Later, his son Tipu Sultan and various British superintendents added more features and plants to the garden, making it a rich and diverse collection of flora. The splendid Glass House structure was first established in 1898 and was further created by John Cameron, who took inspiration from London’s Crystal Palace. Till 1856 Lalbagh Botanical Garden was called the Rose or Cypress Garden.

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Lalbagh Botanical Garden: Attractions

Lal Bagh Garden Bangalore Attractions
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Here are some of the highlights of Lalbagh that should not be missed. 

The Glasshouse Lalbagh: The most iconic structure in Lalbagh, inspired by the Crystal Palace in London, The Glasshouse was built in 1889 to commemorate the visit of Prince Albert Victor to Bangalore. The glasshouse hosts flower shows twice a year, during Republic Day and Independence Day, attracting thousands of visitors.

The Lalbagh Rock: This is one of the oldest rock formations in the world, dating back to 3000 million years. It is a natural geological monument that stands 50 feet high and offers a panoramic view of the garden and the city.

– The Kempegowda Tower: This is one of the four watchtowers built by Kempegowda II, the founder of Bangalore, in 1597. It marks the southern boundary of the city as envisioned by him. The tower is situated on top of the Lalbagh Rock and has an inscription in Kannada.

– The Lake: An artificial lake created by damming a natural stream in 1890, it covers an area of 40 acres and attracts many birds and aquatic animals. The lake also has a boating facility and an island with a statue of Sir Mark Cubbon, the longest-serving British commissioner of Mysore.

– The Flower Clock: This unique attraction in Lalbagh was inaugurated in 2012. It is a giant clock made of flowers that shows the time and date. The clock has a diameter of 7 meters and is surrounded by a lawn shaped like India’sIndia’s map.

– Flora: Ever since its inception, Lalbagh has been home to some of the most exotic plants from different countries. These flowers were introduced, acclimatised and further multiplied, following which they continue to thrive here. Dillena Indica, Araucaria Cookie and Bombax Ceiba are just a few of the many exotic plant species which beautify this garden and have earned the garden’sgarden’s reputation as one of the essential horticulture spots in the country.

Lalbagh Garden: Entry Details 

Lalbagh Bangalore
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Lalbagh Botanical Garden is open to visitors from 6 AM to 7 PM daily. The entry fee is Rs.25 for adults and free for children below 12. There are also guided tours available for Rs.100 per person. Lalbagh is easily accessible by public transport or by car. It is located about 4 km from MG Road and 6 km from Bangalore City Railway Station.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden is a must-visit destination for anyone who loves nature and history. It is a place where you can enjoy the beauty and diversity of plants, learn about their scientific and cultural significance, and appreciate the legacy of the rulers and administrators who shaped it over the centuries. 

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June 12, 2023

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