The Path Towards Tomorrow Goes Through Sustainability


Enjoying oneself at the expense of others meeting their basic needs isn’t an idea that sits well with most. A vacation will lose its excitement if it is adding to the garbage polluting our oceans. People also do not prefer a destination disregarding the well-being of local economies. 

Sustainability refers to the mindful usage of resources to preserve the future. The success of the hotel industry is directly related to the natural and cultural attractions of destinations. It is these that compel tourists to their door. 

Sustainable practices make organizations attractive to customers. Today’s savvy travelers are also conscious. They prefer to give business to companies that follow socially, culturally, hygienically, and environmentally sound practices. Studies indicate that the majority of millennials and Gen Z don’t mind paying slightly extra for products and services if they are certain these do not harm the environment or impact the natural fauna. 

Some Practices that Follow the Path Towards Sustainability are:

1. Energy Conservation

Energy conservation is all about reduction and efficiency. This can only be achieved by the efforts of hotels, employees, and guests alike. For instance, organizations should instill behavioral changes in employees by helping them adopt sustainable practices in daily life. Turning off lights, adjusting thermostats, and washing machine settings, all contribute towards energy conservation. Secondly, reminding guests of sustainable practices like reusing towels and switching off lights can also aid the process. The usage of green technology is another way to conserve energy. Solar panels for heating and cooling, and energy-efficient LED lights are some of the practices that can be adopted by hotels. 

2. Waste Reduction

Limiting wastage is another crucial aspect of sustainability. Sourcing food locally or growing it on-site ensures fresher products and cuts down on food waste. Food donation drives are also a healthy practice that can be adopted by hotels. Informing potential clients that unused, healthy food will be distributed rather than discarded is an attractive advertisement. Products used at facilities should also be waste-efficient. 

3. Achieving Green Certification

Green certifications emphasize the desire of companies to adopt sustainable practices. These can be gained by implementing energy-saving practices, generating electricity through renewable sources, CO2 reduction efforts, water saving, and waste reduction.  

Inspiring leaders play a crucial role in adopting these practices. The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group is specially focused on implementing a daily routine that encourages sustainability. We serve, what we grow. Our staff is educated on sustainable practices, and we constantly review implementation. We collaborate with local partners and our guests encourage these efforts. We care and are building a culture that inspires socially, environmentally, and economically responsible practices. Sustainability is a benchmark of success.

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October 19, 2023

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