A Football Lover in London

England is where meaning is given to unconditional support for teams, which is what makes football more than just a game. The frenzy around the game is evident in the legacy and traditions that are a part of each fixture. Fans travel from a corner of the country to the other to sing anthems that bear the extra energy that the players expend.

The city of London is the backyard of most famous game across the world with 6 eminent Premier League clubs – Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal, West Ham, Watford, and Crystal Palace. Weekends, when the games are usually scheduled, everyone can be found in front of a TV, in a bar, or in a stadium in London, much like the rest of the country. Here’s what a football lover can do in London.

When to Visit?

London is beautiful around the year, but a football lover follows the season clock. Some or the other footballing action can be found around the year. The English Premier League goes on from mid-August to early May, which allows a wide enough window. However, the second half of the season is more interesting as most number of matches are played during December through January. Nevertheless, be there during a weekend, and ensure it’s not an international break. Schedules are readily available on Google.

Take a History Lesson

Football legacy in England dates back to the early 1860s, when a series of 6 meetings in the Freemason’s Tavern at Covent Garden gave birth to the Football Association. The National Football Museum is situated in Manchester, which happens to be home to two great footballing clubs. More than one and a half century of emotions is associated with the game.

To Wembley Stadium

Not only some of the most iconic matches have been played in this stadium, but some of the most memorable concerts have been held here. A visit to the prominent stadium is inevitable. You can book a tour and witness the place which has seen every emotion at its pinnacle. The tour allows you to see the stands, and most interestingly the changing room and a FA Cup replica.

Tip – Book a hotel in London near the Arsenal and Chelsea stadium for a visit.

Be a player – For a Day

Not all of us will be able to walk to pitch every weekend, but those who can’t live without experiencing it once in their lives are not without a prayer. You can play in 11-a-side in your favourite team’s ground; most notably at Stamford Bridge (Chelsea) in London. The game follows every tradition of a proper game – getting ready in the changing rooms and line-up like the players do every weekend before entering the field. Even though there won’t be as many spectators, you will come close to feeling the thrill that accompanies scoring a goal.

You can easily find hotels in London England that allow you to get the best of the footballing action. Finally, you can have an equally great time at one of the bars if you can’t find a ticket!

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