A Comprehensive Trekking Guide For Beginners

Trekking Guide For Beginners

The Cambridge dictionary defines trekking as the activity of walking long distances on foot for pleasure. The trekking activity happens amidst nature, especially rocky terrains, hills and mountains. While not everyone’s idea of fun is taking long walks and engaging in arduous activities, trekking is one such pursuit that should be undertaken by all at least once in their lifetime. A trek offers you an experience amidst nature which rarely any other activity can provide, especially in a geographically rich country like India. Our country is undoubtedly blessed with great trekking routes that are exceptionally adventurous and helps you take a deep dive into nature. From Hampta Pass Trek in the north to numerous trails in the Sahyadris in the west, you can find a variety of routes in India that get your adrenaline pumping and, at the same time, offer you picturesque views that will be bookmarked in your memory forever. 

If you have been thinking about scaling the excellent trek routes in India but don’t know where to start, the following trekking guide for beginners will help you put your thoughts into action. Let’s begin!

Types Of Treks

There are three types of treks – easy, moderate and difficult. However, when we talk about these categories, they are discussed relatively because, depending on one’s fitness level and experience, one might find a moderate trek easy compared to a beginner starting out. Aspects such as altitude, terrain, and distance are considered when making a distinction between various trekking routes. 

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Easy: Paths that are usually well-trodden and do not require much physical effort fall into easy trekking routes. These routes are present in proximity to civilization and can be enjoyed by people who take long walks and remain in good shape. Some of these easy trek routes in India include Nag Tibba and trails amidst Sahaydris. 

Moderate: Depending on the distance, inclination and physical exertion, moderate routes are demanding and require you to push your fitness limits. While some routes are easily scalable in a day, others can stretch over a few days and need you to be prepared and self-sufficient. As a beginner, you might be able to cover many of these routes without excellent training. However, you will be required to keep your fitness routine in check. Hampta Pass Trek is one of the most famous moderate routes you can cover as a novice. 

Difficult: As the name suggests, difficult treks are usually uphill, feature rugged terrains, require you to have the training and typically last for a few days. These treks are demanding in terms of physical fitness, perseverance and stamina. These routes are also remote, so as a trekker, you must be self-prepared to face any calamity and sufficiently prepared with food and water. Pin Parvati Trek, Kang La Trek and Kalindi Khal Expedition are just a few of India’s many exciting and challenging treks. 

Training For The Trek

Since this trekking guide is aimed at the ones starting out their adventure journey, here are a few tips for beginners that you can use while starting training for the trek.

  • Take regular walks to build up your stamina and leg strength.
  • Explore different terrains, which also include inclined and rocky paths.
  • Try walking with your packed luggage on your back and add climbing stairs to the mix.
  • Invest in a good pair of trekking or sports shoes that will be comfortable and don’t wear out easily.
  • Research the area where you are heading for the trek. Learn about the weather conditions, the terrain, whether the site has necessities in the vicinity, what other activities you can explore and so on. 
  • As you start training for the trek, ensure you also focus on hydrating and eating the right foods that boost your energy. 
  • Pack light and the right things into a compact backpack that you can easily carry. Make sure to bring your government ID, comfortable clothing as per the region you are travelling to, a basic first aid kit and mini toiletries.

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Duration Of The Trek

For beginner and amateur trekkers, a duration of 2-3 days is recommended as it is enough to satiate the adventurer in you, and at the same time, it will not push beyond your limits. Taking up a difficult trek in your initial trekking journey can be harmful to you physically. 

While there are several trekking tips and tricks out there for you to read up on, real exploration can only begin once you start trekking. Make sure to take the necessary precautions that locals and other trekkers for a particular route prescribe. Now that you know the basics, we wish you a happy journey!

December 20, 2022

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