Wedding Bells Ringing Soon? Pick Your Dream Wedding Destination Carefully

Choose Perfect Wedding Venue

For many, the backdrop of the wedding is as important as the ceremony itself. After all, the venue, the moments you spend there, and the experience of the wedding festivities will create memories, not just for you, but for your friends and family as well. 

Hence, a lot of careful deliberation and planning must go into picking the right wedding destination. Ultimately, knowing how to choose the perfect wedding venue can take a huge load off you, as it ensures that the theme, the decor, and the food preparations are taken care of as well.

Here are some tips to help you tick boxes off of your destination wedding checklist.

1. Jot your ideas down and discuss them with your partner

Wedding Checklist
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When you think of your D-day, what really comes to your mind? Do you want the ceremonies indoors or outdoors? Are you looking at a specific backdrop, like a beach, amidst the hills, or a cityscape? Do you want to plan the celebrations around a theme or a shared interest? Do you want a huge guest list or want to keep it to a reserved few? 

Envisioning your wedding and writing down your thoughts helps you get clarity on what you wish for. Sit down with your significant other and discuss your ideas, find a middle ground, fix a budget, and you are good to go.

2. Figure out a budget

Wedding Budget
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Now that you have a fair idea of how you want your wedding to look like, you need to work out a budget. It is no secret that a modern-day wedding can be quite a lavish affair. Hence, it is important that you consult your partner and their family to decide on a budget. This will eliminate unrealistic options and will help you avoid any confusion.

3. Think not just location but accommodation as well

Wedding accommodation

No matter what destination you choose, the type of accommodation must always be given due consideration. You must have gotten several tips for choosing the right venue for your wedding, however, it is best to go with trusted boutique hotels in India that offer a luxury stay, wedding and banquet experience. In fact, one can also enquire about any special wedding packages on offer.

Some of the best hotels for weddings in India are often those with a reputation for luxury, convenience, comfort, and panache. 5-star hotels like those under The LaLiT’ Group have been designed to be best-in-class for hosting dream weddings across the most exotic and popular locales in India. Apart from opulent rooms, you will also be able to experience extraordinary dining along with services like airport transfers, arrival presents, concierge, and more.

4. When in doubt, consult a wedding planner

Wedding Planner

Consulting a wedding planner should be a no-brainer. But, don’t just go out there without doing any groundwork. Wedding planners will only be able to help you efficiently if you provide them with a clear picture of what your wedding venue should look like and how you plan to host the events. As professionals, wedding planners can really elevate your wedding destinations and even help you save on your budget! 

Keep these tips in mind and planning your wedding will be a cakewalk. Okay, not that easy, but you get the point. Do remember that a wedding is more often than not, a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. It represents the beginning of a new life. Thus, choosing the right destination means an auspicious start to a happy-ever-after that you have always dreamt about.

August 26, 2022

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