The Long Term and Short Term Impact of G20 on the Hospitality Sector


A moment of pride for India and a gear shift for the hospitality business. The recently concluded G20 summit in India was a powerful exhibition of the diverse tourism products that this country has to offer. It provided an exceptional boost to the hospitality sector. The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group was an active participant in this exceptional event. We saw massive surges in international tourism, resulting in an increased demand for accommodation, dining, and other hospitality services.

While these are short-term gains, the bigger picture is the portrait of India showcased to the world. Our richness, diversity, and economic valour were on display. This summit has helped position India as a credible MICE (Meetings Incentives Conventions Exhibitions) destination.  

The MICE business brings over USD 876 billion globally. Before the G20 summit, India was not considered a premium destination in Asia for global business events. China and other Asian countries drew better opportunities than India. But with the exhibition of state-of-the-art convention centres, hotels, transport, and other allied services, there is bound to be a domino effect.

Several Other Factors Will Also Contribute to Growing the Stature of India as a Premium Global Destination:


  • Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure across the country has been upgraded and enhanced because of the G20 summit. All these have a long-lasting impact on the attractiveness quotient of any tourism destination.

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  • Increased exposure

The global media coverage that India received during G20 has helped reveal India beyond the metros. Other cities have gotten heightened visibility, which could potentially result in an influx of domestic and international tourists.

  • Business Relationships

The G20 was a confluence of world leaders, policymakers, and business executives. It provided an excellent platform for networking and collaboration. The result of this will be visible in the long term, as partnerships are fostered and business relationships built. 

  • Skilled Workforce

Hosting an event of the magnitude of G20 requires a highly skilled workforce. As a result, training and development initiatives were undertaken by the hospitality industry. This has resulted in a workforce with enhanced skillsets, delivering highly- professional standards of services.

The summit resulted in the beautification of many cities across the country. It also focused on local arts and crafts, cuisine, and culture. It put local talent on the map, helping create business opportunities. The decentralisation of events was crucial in the creation of infrastructure and in presenting various geographically and culturally diverse options to the world. The challenge is to maintain those benchmarks. The world has zeroed in on India for its cultural and geographic diversity, as well as high-hospitality standards. But, continued business will only flow if they receive similar treatment every time. At The Lalit Suri Hospitality School, it is our endeavour to train individuals to meet these criteria on a continuous basis.

October 18, 2023

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