The Return of The Prodigal Sun: LaLit Welcomes Back Legendary Chef Suriya

Chef Suriya the lalit Oko

A culmination of a diverse range of culinary traditions from across the different parts of Asia, Pan-Asian cuisine is much revered world-over. Flavours from different regions of the continent, including Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia, come together to create the culinary delights of Pan-Asian cuisine. India has always opened its doors to diverse traditions and cultures from across the world. The emergence of Pan-Asian cuisine in the country can be traced back to the late 20th century when the country opened up to global influences and started embracing foreign cultures ever since Pan-Asian flavours and techniques flourished in India. 

One reason for the popularity of Pan Asian cuisine in India is its health benefits. Numerous dishes are made using fresh, wholesome ingredients and cooking techniques that preserve the natural flavours and nutrients of the food. Another reason is the versatility of Pan Asian cuisine, which allows chefs to create new and exciting dishes by combining different ingredients and techniques. The fusion of Asian and Indian flavours has also led to the emergence of unique dishes that are a reflection of India’s multicultural society. 

OKO- A Pan Asian Restaurant
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The LaLiT Hotels have redefined hospitality in India, and our luxury restaurants are a huge aspect of it. Curated by expert chefs who use fresh and locally sourced ingredients, our dining spaces are some of the country’s finest and offer our patrons an experience unlike any other. 

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Keeping up with our unique culinary offerings, we are truly proud to welcome back the legendary Chef Suriya. A highly talented and accomplished chef, he is not just a part but the pride of The LaLiT Hotels’ culinary team. With over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Chef Suriya is a specialist in Asian cuisine. His work goes beyond India and into Thailand and Malaysia, where he honed his skills and learned new techniques. Chef Suriya’s expertise combines traditional cooking methods with modern techniques to create unique and innovative dishes. Chef Suriya’s passion for cooking and attention to detail is evident in every dish he creates, making him a valuable asset to The LaLiT Hotels’ culinary team.

Experience the wonderful creations of Chef Suriya as he is all set to host a culinary masterclass and bring back his signature dishes across different cities of India. Cook with the Masterchef or indulge in his genius creations at OKO- A Pan Asian Restaurant. Whether you decide to cook beside the chef himself or are keen on trying his dishes at one of the leading Pan Asian restaurants, you can count on having an outstanding dining experience like never before. 

Catch the chef as he whisks up his amazing treats on the following dates across different cities in India. 

Chandigarh: 23rd April – 20th May, 2023 | Bengaluru: 23rd May – June 18th, 2023

Mumbai: 20th June – 16th July 2023 | Goa: 18th July – 19th August, 2023

Delhi: 21st August – 30th September, 2023 | Udaipur: 2nd – 31st October, 2023 

Stay tuned on The LaLiT social media to catch more updates as Chef Suriya visits your city!

May 2, 2023

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