Bangalore Palace: Uncover the Magnificence of This Architectural Marvel

Bangalore Palace

The beautiful city of Bangalore is a delight to visit. Also known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore seamlessly culminates an old-world charm with modern urbane living. As a tourist visiting the city, you will have no dearth of exciting experiences. From scenic gardens to magnificent palaces, bustling markets, exciting nightlife and religious sites, Bangalore offers a range of activities for people of all ages. As fun-filled as the city’s contemporary excursions, its history is also intriguing, and the monuments in Bangalore are a testament to the same. 

Bangalore Palace is one such significant landmark that perfectly encapsulates the beauty, history and rich culture of the IT Hub of India. The architectural marvel attracts visitors from all over the world, and rightly so. Spread across a massive area of 40,500 square feet, Bangalore Palace is a regal structure created with a combination of Tudor and Scottish Gothic architecture. It is believed that King Chamarajendra Wadiyar drew inspiration for this opulent palace from London’s Windsor Palace. Not only is this palace one of the leading tourist attractions of Bangalore, but it also routinely hosts cultural events and rock shows. 

Bangalore Palace Entry Fee: INR 230/- (Indians) and INR 460/- (Foreigners)
Bangalore Palace Timings: 10:00 AM To 5:30 PM (Closed On Mondays)
Bangalore Palace: Best Time To Visit: October To March

Bangalore Palace: History

Bangalore Palace Architecture
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Reverend J Garrett., the school principal of the cantonment town, first commissioned the building of Bangalore Palace in 1864. It was bought by British Guardians of minor Maharaja Chamarajendra Wadiyar in 1873, and the palace construction was completed in 1884. John Cameron, the creative mind behind the beautiful Lal Bagh Garden, was responsible for landscaping Bangalore Palace. 

After the initial construction of the palace, several additions were made to it. During his rule, Maharaja Jayachamaraja added portions outside the Durbar Hall. Subsequently, over the years to come, the palace underwent renovations and beautification to have the essence of the Windsor Castle of London. The ownership of Bangalore Palace has also gone through tumultuous phases and several legal activities. As of today, this regal palace is under the ownership of Srikanta Datta Narasimharaja Wadiyar, a descendant of the Mysore Royal Family. 

Bangalore Palace opened its door to the public in the year 2005. 

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Bangalore Palace: Architecture 

Bangalore Palace History
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An architectural marvel that showcases the Tudor style of design, Bangalore Palace covers a sprawling area of 454 acres. The palace complex and its garden boast intricate motifs, cornices, and wooden carvings, with the interiors being adorned with physical elements imported from Britain, including the coat of arms gifted to the Wadiyars. The coat of arms features mythological impressions and an intricate floral design, with a two-headed bird, Ganda Bherunda, at the centre and a mythological animal on the other side representing royalty and power.

A two-level granite structure with fortified towers, Bangalore Palace has turreted walls and Roman arches at the entrance. Its ceilings are decorated with relief paintings, and the furniture inside the palace exhibits a fusion of Victorian and neo-classical styles. The ground floor has an open courtyard with granite seats adorned with fluorescent blue ceramic tiles, and there are 35 rooms in the palace.

The Durbar Hall on the first floor is the highlight of the palace, with a massive elephant head and stained glass windows on one side. The walls are predominantly yellow, and the sofa set in the hall matches the same colour. A screen separates the area where women would sit during the assembly proceedings.

The Bangalore Palace also houses several renowned paintings, including the works of Raja Ravi Varma, a famous Indian painter. The palace’s extensive collection of pictures chronicles the different generations of the powerful Wadiyar Dynasty and offers a glimpse into the evolution of Bangalore over the centuries. The seamless arch-deco designs of the palace’s interiors add charm and beauty.

Other Details About Bangalore Palace 

Bangalore Palace
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Prior to the legal disputes surrounding the palace, its grounds hosted several numerous cultural events. Famous personalities, including The Rolling Stones, Enrique Iglesias, Black Eyed Peas, Backstreet Boys, David Guetta, Metallica and Elton John, have performed on the palace grounds. 

The Fun World Amusement Park is also located within the palace ground complex, providing an exciting and memorable experience for families. 

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