Jaipur: A Gateway to Royal Flamboyance


A royal retreat deserves a walk down memory lane as you appreciate the countless havelis, palaces, and forts narrating a tale of a rich cultural era. A city for every season, Jaipur invites one and all with its pink charm. 

The Lalit, Jaipur is the place that dreams are made of. It can serve as the perfect family holiday destination, or turn into a romantic getaway, and even be the ideal partner for your solo vacay. The hotel will leave you overjoyed by its sheer class. It is a unique blend of historic and modern architecture with a grand lobby and courtyard. The rooms are cosy yet, equipped with every modern amenity. They are bright and lively with artefacts and rugs that adorn the walls, floor, and tables. They have been curated to beautifully contrast contemporary and historic items.  

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A traditional Indian hospitality welcome awaits guests at the property, with refreshing drinks and tilak on the forehead. In the evening, Rajasthani local folk-dance performances in the courtyard will leave you mesmerised. If you are travelling with family and wondering how to enjoy a delightful evening with kids, we’ve got a solve for that too. The Lalit has a play area of their own to keep the little ones busy and engrossed, so you can balance your vacation time. 

This colourful city of palaces and windows needs to be savoured like a rare artefact. The Lalit concierge will guide you and create a personalised itinerary based on your interests. When in Jaipur, the Amer Fort is a must see. The Fort is a royal dream, outdoing every scene you may have witnessed on celluloid and every picture in magazines. A beautiful amalgamation of pale yellow and pink sandstone and white marble, the Fort is divided into four sections. After checking out locations, where movies like Jodha Akbar have been shot, you can focus your attention on an enchanting light and sound show. 

A trip to Jaipur is also incomplete without a shopping spree. Jaipur, the city of royals is popular across the globe for its gems. Even those vaguely interested in glitter and bobbles will be left stunned by the range of items on display. The kind of intricate craftsmanship done by hand, makes these jewels rare and precious. One must make a trip to the Gem Palace to satisfy the lust for shiny beautiful jewels.    

Holidays are meant to inspire and aspire. They create lasting memories and always leave one wanting more. A dream holiday requires a perfect partner, and The Lalit, Jaipur is more than happy to be your better half in crafting a memorable and unique experience. They take you on a cultural ride through the era of kings and queens with its architecture, dance performances, food, and memorabilia.

August 25, 2023

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