6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Udaipur As Your Wedding Destination

Destination Wedding In Udaipur

Destination weddings are not a new concept. The pandemic, however, did put a brake on them. Now that the world is on track to becoming normal again and people are bringing back the concept of “big fat Indian weddings”, the hunt for the dream wedding location is in full swing by couples looking forward to tying the knot. When we discuss the best destinations for wedding venues in India, the romantic city of Udaipur is usually at the top of the list. 

Stunning lakes as backdrops, lush green terrain, vibrant culture and more make a destination wedding in Udaipur an appealing idea. If you are still asking the question – ‘why Udaipur for a destination wedding?’, read on to find out why to choose Udaipur for a wedding destination.

Destination Wedding In Udaipur

1. Romantic Setting

City Palace Udaipur
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Udaipur is undoubtedly one of the most romantic cities in India. Besides bringing romance to the mix, the City of Lakes also has a rich history and culture. This is reflected in its grand palaces, heritage buildings and vibrant atmosphere, creating the most romantic setting for a wedding. Whether you want to celebrate your big day in a palace or revel in the festivities of the wedding in an open-air venue beside a lake, Udaipur has no dearth of exciting venues to help you execute the wedding ceremony of your dreams. 

2. Great For Pre-Wedding Shoots

Pre Wedding Shoots Udaipur
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The concept of pre-wedding shoots is a trend that couples hop on to create unforgettable memories. While the wedding ceremonies will have various photo sessions of you and your partner, there is something magical about escaping your daily life with your partner to get your photographs clicked, which reflect your bond. Udaipur is just the right place for this task as it is replete with splendid vistas and views. Having a lake or stunning fort as your backdrop in pictures is an interesting way to conduct pre-wedding shoots. You can easily plan this task as you visit the city to finalise your wedding venue and other details.

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3. Great Rajasthani Cuisine

Rajasthani Cuisine
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Food is a crucial aspect of any Indian wedding. Guests anticipate all the delicious fares they will be able to indulge in as they head to celebrate their loved one’s wedding celebration. A destination wedding in Udaipur is incomplete without the presence of splendid Rajasthani cuisine. From spicy curries to varied desserts, the state’s cuisine will easily become the heart of your wedding for all the right reasons. Although you can easily get global fare at your wedding in Udaipur, the charm of traditional Rajasthani thali remains unmatched and should be present at your celebration.

4. Markets For Shopping

Udaipur Shopping
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There are several perks of hosting your destination wedding in Udaipur. But one that stands out is that the city is great for celebrating the occasion and fantastic for preparing for it. There are several markets for shopping in Udaipur that cater specifically to all your wedding wear. From ethnic clothing to wedding favours, you can find it all at the bustling markets of Udaipur. You can even find traditional handicrafts at these markets if you look forward to adding an artistic touch to your celebrations.

5. Lakeside Weddings

Fatehsagar Lake
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As the Venice of the East, many famous lakes in Udaipur give couples an unparalleled venue for their wedding celebration. We at The LaLiT Laxmi Vilas Palace Udaipur have the right setting that aligns with your dream wedding place. Our hotel is a heritage palace that overlooks the Fatehsagar Lake on one side and has the lush greenery of Aravallis as its backdrop. The Aangan venue has indoor and alfresco seating so your guests can enjoy a stunning view of the lake and the Sajjangarh Fort. If you are looking for Udaipur destination wedding places, then a lakeside venue does not get any better than this.

6. Easily Accessible

Udaipur The City of Lakes
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Udaipur is easily accessible from major cities, including Delhi, Mumbai and Chandigarh, via train, road and airways. This makes it simpler for your guests to head to the city and enjoy the festivities without hassle.

If you are planning to host your royal wedding in the picturesque city of Udaipur and don’t know where to start the process, get in touch with us at The LaLiT Laxmi Vilas Palace Udaipur. Our property exudes regal elegance and offers you many venue options, perfect for a royal event.

March 1, 2023

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