10 Must-Visit Waterfalls In Kerala

Waterfalls in Kerala

Kerala is rightly called ‘God’s Own Country.’ Its pristine beaches, stunning landscape, world-famous backwaters and lush greenery make it one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the whole world. Featuring a perfect balance between ecological diversity and natural beauty, Kerala is also home to some of the most picturesque waterfalls. These majestic waterfalls in Kerala tend to turn even more mesmerizing as the monsoon season is in full swing.

Besides offering the best of natural beauty, the best waterfalls in Kerala are also amazing excursion spots for adventure enthusiasts and famous picnic spots for families. To make your visit to Kerala more wholesome and simple, we have compiled a list of Kerala’s best waterfalls that you just cannot miss.

10 Famous Waterfalls In Kerala

1. Aruvikuzhy Waterfall

Aruvikuzhy waterfall
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Nestled amidst rubber plantations, Aruvikuzhy waterfalls are renowned for their natural beauty and quaint ambience. Falling from a height of 100 ft, the waterfalls provide the perfect escape from bustling city life. 

2. Athirappali

Athirappali waterfall
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The highest waterfall in Kerala, Athirappali offers a mesmerizing view of Sholyar Hills and has often appeared in the backdrop of several Bollywood movies. The waterfalls are reached by walking on stone slabs and have an almost musical sound that holds the power to transport you to a mystical world of nature.

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3. Kalakkayam Waterfall

Kalakkayam Waterfall
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If you are an avid fan of adventure, then you should not miss the Kalakkayam waterfall. Located amidst a forest, the waterfall can only be reached with a help of a guide through a small trek and once you reach there, you can also enjoy bird-watching.

4. Keezharkuthu Waterfall

Keezharkuthu Waterfall
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One of the best waterfalls in Kerala for adventure lovers, Keezharkuthy waterfall is also known as Rainbow Falls and is an amazing spot for rock climbing and trekking. The falls are located amidst a lush green forest and can be reached through a trek of 2km.

5. Meenmutty Waterfall

Meenmutty Waterfall
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The second biggest waterfall in Kerala, Meenmutty waterfall is enclosed by a dense forest and cascades along various tiers. You can reach the waterfall by trekking through a scenic forest for around 3km.

6. Palaruvi Waterfall

Palaruvi Waterfall
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Palaruvi the Malayalam term translates to a stream of milk. Palaruvi waterfalls are one of the most beautiful falls in India and also have a natural swimming pool making it a famous picnic spot. You can reach here by trekking through a dense forest for a memorable experience.

7. Sentinel Rock Waterfall

Sentinel Rock Waterfall
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Also called the Soochipara Waterfalls, these waterfalls fall on a sharp granite base and have an exciting route which is more suitable for advanced trekkers. The falls have stunning views and are surrounded by lush greenery.

8. Perunthenaruvi Fall

Perunthenaruvi Fall
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Translating to Honey Stream, Perunthenaruvi Waterfalls merge into the sacred Pamba River and flow down a rocky bed. These falls are loved by locals and tourists alike and you can spend your time swimming here. 

9. Power House Waterfall

Power House Fall
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Nestled amidst the scenic western mountain range, Power House waterfalls are located on the way to Periyar National Park in Thekkady. You can make your trip even more fun by trekking down to the pool where the falls land and taking a swim in it. 

10. Nyayamakad Waterfall

Nyayamakad Waterfall
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Located in proximity to the Eravikulam National Park, Nyayamakad waterfalls cascade down a height of around 1500m and form a stunning pool. The destination is famous amongst tourists and you can even enjoy trekking and watersports here.

Kerala’s beauty is unmatched by any other destination and it should be explored to the fullest. If you haven’t visited this amazing destination yet, then you are surely missing out on some of the best wonders that nature has to offer including the above-mentioned waterfalls all of which are unique in their way and can’t be compared to each other in terms of the experience they tend to offer. Whether you are an adventure lover or not, you just cannot miss out on visiting these visual masterpieces. 

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October 12, 2022

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