6 Museums Of Delhi For The History And Culture Enthusiast In You

Best Museums In Delhi

Delhi is a culturally rich city, full of history and stories. While the capital of India is often recognised for its business and political standing, the city also has various iconic escapes that are unlike any other experience you will find. From old bookstores to ancient monuments and museums, there is plenty to explore in Delhi, especially when you need a break from the usual eating destinations and party spots. The charm of the city, after all, lies in all the places that have seen history being made and those that preserve it. 

A trip around the fantastic museums in Delhi will be not only educational but also entertaining. Here are some of the best museums in Delhi that you should add to your travel itinerary.

6 Best Museums In Delhi

1. National Museum

National Museum
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Inaugurated on 15th August 1985, the National Museum is the most significant historical museum in Delhi and has an extensive exhibit collection of over 2 lakh objects. You can check out artefacts ranging from the 3rd Millenium BC, believed to have been when the Indus Valley Civilization existed, to the much more recent 19th century AD. The museum has archaeology, anthropology, arms and armour, manuscript, painting, and jewellery collections that are reflective of Indian history during the Maurya, Shunga, Satvahana, Gupta and Medieval periods. The Buddha Museum, Central Asian Antiquettes Gallery and Western and pre-Columbian Art should not be missed here.

  • Address: National MuseumJanpath, New Delhi 110 011
  • Timings: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM  (Tuesday To Friday), 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM (Saturday & Sunday) (Monday Closed)
  • Entry Fee: INR 20/- (Indian Adults) & INR 350/- (Foreigners), Free For Students Till 12th Standard Having A Valid ID

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2. Museum Of Illusions

Museum Of Illusions
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A new museum in Delhi, the Museum Of Illusions, combines the best of science and entertainment. The optical illusions present here will trick your brain and tickle your senses. Following Eyes, Ames Room, Rotated Room, Vortex Tunnel, Anti Gravity Room, Infinity Well and Head on the Platter are just a few of the many illusions you can witness here. The museum also has an extensive collection of Holograms on display, besides having a Smart Playroom that lets you test your skills and your brain. The place is a great experience that can be enjoyed with the whole family.

  • Address: 30-33, 1st Floor, A Block, Inner Circle, Connaught Place (Near Rajiv Chowk Metro Station Exit Gate Number 8)
  • Timings: 11:00AM to 8:00PM (Monday To Friday), 11:00AM to 8:30PM (Saturday To Sunday )
  • Entry Fee: Monday To  Friday: Adults: INR 650/- & Children (3+): INR 520/-, Saturday To Sunday: Adults: INR 690/- & Children (3+): INR 550/-

3. National Science Centre

National Science Centre
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True to its name, the National Science Centre tells you almost everything there is to know about science and then some more. One of the most exciting museums to visit in Delhi, this centre combines science and history. It has several exhibits, including Energy Ball, Water: The Elixir of Life Gallery, Our Science & Technology Heritage Gallery, Human Biology Gallery and Hall of Nuclear Power. The museum is spread over eight floors and features a planetarium, cafeteria and library. National Science Centre also hosts several science-related events.

  • Address: Pragati Maidan, Bhairon Road, New Delhi – 110001
  • Timings: 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM (Monday To Sunday)
  • Entry Fee: INR 10/- 

4. Shankar’s International Doll Museum

Shankar international doll museum delhi
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One of the most museums in Delhi, Shankar’s International Doll Museum has a collection of over 6000 dolls from all over the world. The museum was founded by the famous cartoonist K. Shankar Pillai in the year 1965 and even showcased dolls, some even as old as 400 years old. The museum has dolls from the USA, Europe, Australia, Japan and New Zealand, with almost 500 dolls from India alone. Some of the most exciting exhibits at the museum include the dolls and complete setup from the royal courtroom of Japan, Eskimo Dolls from polar areas, Latino Ballerina Dolls and Indian dolls in ethnic attires.

  • Address: Nehru House, 4, Bahadurshah Zafar Marg, Delhi
  • Timings: 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM (Closed On Monday)
  • Entry Fee: INR 15/- (Adults) & INR 5/- (Children)

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5. Rail Museum

Rail Museum
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When we talk about museums in Delhi, we just cannot overlook the magnificent Rail Museum. Established in 1977, the museum displays railway artefacts, pictures and various locomotives. It also has several moving and static trains available in India, exhibited for people to explore. Each exhibit has a tech-powered tablet next to it, so you can learn all about it. The museum even has a toy train ride that is enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

  • Address: Service Rd, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110021
  • Timings: 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM (Closed On Monday)
  • Entry Fee: INR 20/- 

6. National Gallery Of Modern Art

National Gallery Of Modern Art
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Established in 1954, the National Gallery Of Modern Art is an amalgamation of culture and art. The museum is located inside Jaipur House, the former residence of Maharajas of Jaipur. From modern Indian art from 150 years back to paintings from the 19th and early 20th centuries created by famous English artists, you can find it all at this magnificent gallery. The museum has several artworks from renowned artists, including Thomas Daniell, Raja Ravi Varma, Rabindranath Tagore and Amrita Sher-Gil. It also hosts several exhibitions at the museum and across different locations in the country. If you are a history enthusiast and an art lover, you will be delighted to see different paintings, photographs and sculptures under one roof. 

  • Address: Jaipur House, India Gate, Near Delhi High Court, Delhi
  • Timings: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Closed On Monday)
  • Entry Fee: Free 

Go back in time and appreciate art by taking a trip to all these museums in Delhi. With so much to admire and know about, we are sure you will have a wonderful time.

February 6, 2023

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