Your Ultimate Guide to International Dolls Museum Chandigarh

Lush gardens, picturesque locations, and an aura of uninterrupted peace – Chandigarh has a rustic allure topped with a touch of modernity. It is no less than paradise for tourists, who often find themselves pleasantly surprised at what the city has to offer. Whether you are here on vacation, or are staying in a business hotel in Chandigarh, you must devote a small part of your itinerary in order to visit the International Doll Museum, which is unlike any other attraction in the city, or even in all of India. Here are a few facts about the museum that may spark your interest in visiting this artistic space:

• The Museum, located at Bal Bhawan, Sector 23, was established as far back as 1985. While its initial purpose was to serve as an entertainment hub for kids, it has evolved over the years to become much more than that, and is now a fascinating centre, a beloved part of the culture of the city.

• It is especially intriguing for children, since the museum also includes an amusement parks, toy trains, and an impeccable display of a variety of dolls and puppets. It hosts about 300 kinds of dolls, curated from many countries over the world, including Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Korea and so on.

• The place is a feast for the eyes, as it celebrates the art of doll-making. It also hosts ten murals representing the landmarks of these countries, decorated and presented beautifully. A model of the German Railway Station also adds to the vibrance of the place.

• The dolls and puppets in the museum depict a large variety of concepts. There are dolls that represent the culture and ethnicity of India, such as different tribes, or dolls dressed as brides. There is also a separate section that depicts the dance forms of India.

• There are also dolls that showcase the rich mythology and heritage of our country, such as the Ramayana. Apart from all this, children would be excited to see famous characters from books and movies, including Cinderella, Snow White, Aladdin, Ali Baba and many more.

• The best part is that the figures have all been designed and crafted by local artists. The museum has undergone many renovations in order to enhance its displays, and add to its ambience. Just the vibe of this place is so unique, that even adults would not hesitate to blend in and indulge themselves in the merriment.

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