Your Baisakhi Festival Experience Begins at The LaLiT Chandigarh

The end of the second week of April always marks the start of special celebrations in North India, especially in the state of Punjab. The reason? Baisakhi. Considered to be the most significant festival by Punjabis, Baisakhi brings with it the joy of a fresh harvest season, a revelation of new beginnings, and the commemoration of an important event in Sikh history. Naturally, Chandigarh finds itself in the centre of these festivities.

And what better way to experience Baisakhi festival in the city than to indulge in the merriments while simultaneously enjoying the best that luxury can offer at The LaLiT Chandigarh? When it comes to the best hotels in Chandigarh, The LaLiT’s stunning hospitality makes it the gold standard, thanks to its celebration of the regional flavours and seasons and the extra dimension it adds to your stay and festivities.

the lalit chandigarh

Indulging in tradition

In Chandigarh, the festival of Baisakhi often lasts for three to four days. The festive spirit is apparent once you set foot outside your charming 5-star accommodations to experience with the locals: the streets and roads are decorated; beautiful lighting pops in from houses and markets; the gurudwaras buzz with activity; folk dance preparations can be spotted in every nook and corner; and of course, the markets and restaurants are lit with impressive décor.

A hearty talk with the locals will reveal to you that it was on the very eve of Baisakhi in 1699 that Guru Gobind Singh established the base of Khalsa Panth. You can revel in the zeal and excitement amongst the people as men participate in the folk dance of bhangra while women join in with their gidda. The roads are also the sight of processions called Nagar Kirtans where folk songs, dances and other art forms are performed. For the more adventurous soul, there is also the possibility of indulging in exhilarating rides and games at the Baisakhi fairs.

The malls also join in the celebrations, especially Elante Mall – Chandigarh’s biggest – where folk music nights and other special events are organized. For those who want to experience a cheerful drive, regional gourmet food, cultural performances, and traditional handlooms and handicrafts, then a visit to the nearby Pinjore Gardens’ Baisakhi Mela is an absolute must!

Experiencing bespoke hospitality

While the Baisakhi celebrations mark your day out in the city, with The LaLiT Chandigarh, you know that you can come back into the arms of rejuvenating luxury after a tiring day of travel. Located at Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, The LaLiT Chandigarh lies in a well-connected area of the city, and is never too far away from Baisakhi celebrations outside.

With Rejuve The Spa at your disposal, you can slide into a relaxing retreat whenever you feel so. There is also the all-weather pool; the stunning view of the Shivalik foothills; an exclusive salon for ultimate pampering; and of course, five highly rated fine dining establishments. Just like the Padmini, one of the top restaurants in Udaipur located at The LaLiT Laxmi Vilas Palace Udaipur, the Baluchi at The LaLiT Chandigarh is also counted amongst the finest in the city when it comes to signature pan-Indian cuisine and delectable local delicacies of the highest gastronomic value.

The festival of Baisakhi is devoted to the feeling of contentment, gratitude and new beginnings. Visit Chandigarh and The LaLiT Chandigarh to revel in and take inspiration from this thought which celebrates the joy ride called life.

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