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Wine Food Pairing and Other Epicurean Indulgences In Goa

It could be the bohemian culture, the unbridled sense of freedom, it could be the sun, surf, and sand, or perhaps it could be the guilt-free indulgences in wine and cuisine, it could be the foot-tapping music, the rave beach parties, or it could be the gorgeous sunsets, the serenity of the cathedrals, the tranquility of the secret beaches, the opportunity to indulge ourselves in a completely stress free golf or yoga holiday – whatever the reason, we keep coming back to Goa. Many of us have forgotten the number of times we’ve visited this breathtakingly beautiful state. Be it a biking trip with friends, a romantic getaway with a partner, or a beach vacation with the family, Goa is certainly the perfect holiday destination.

Sampling Goan food in Goa is passé. Goa is now the hub of experimental cuisine and right at the heart of this culinary universe is wine tasting. In fact, wine and food pairing events are some of the top attractions at our own LaLiT Golf & Spa Resort Goa. Drop in at the Veri Feni between noon and midnight and discover the best of Indian wines including Sula, Big Banyan, and Fratelli. On a hot summer evening opt for a glass of chilled Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, or Riesling and on a warm winter evening raise a glass of Cabernet Sauvgnon, Shiraz, or Merlot. Most restaurants in Goa stock a decent vino but learning to pair the right food with your bottle of wine is an art form.

Typically, lamb, mutton, and beef dishes call for full bodied red wine such as the Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon or even a dark Pinot Noir. Lightly spiced chicken goes well with white wine but heavy gravies and spicy chicken curries call for a Shiraz. If you’re sampling the legendary Goan seafood at The LaLiT Golf & Spa Resort Goa, pick a nice white wine such as a Chardonnay, a Pinot Grigio, or a Sauvignon Blanc.

When in Goa do not stick to your hotel. The real treasure trove lies in the household breweries of this state. These breweries are often family run and are glad to have visitors drop in. The owners are sommeliers who welcome questions and help you understand the nuances of winetasting.

Staying at one of the best hotels in Goa, partying on the beaches, visiting the cathedrals, and biking through the state often leaves one in a state of suspended animation in which it becomes difficult to believe that this state has an Indian soul. A visit to the Margao spice market is quite enough to break the reverie and get you back in touch with the earthy spices of Indian cooking. While you’re here don’t miss out on sampling some of the delightful plum cakes, Bebinca and other dishes that home cooks put up for sale.

Another local bazaar that will help you drown in the heady sounds and sights of Goa is the Mackie’s Saturday Nite Bazaar. From junk jewellery to colourful tapestries, from embroidered clutches to home-brews and wines, from deep fried sea-food to yummy desserts – this bazaar is home to all the lovely indulgences that Goa has to offer.

If you’re the more laid back sort, look up the events calendar at the LaLiT Golf & Spa Resort Goa. From pottery making to yoga on the beach and from relaxing spa therapies to golf sessions – you’ll find just about everything you seek.

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