Why You Must Choose Kitty Su For Your Next Weekend Hangover

Ever since Kitty Su opened its doors to the city in 2011, Delhi witnessed a revolution in its entertainment scene. The LaLiT Group’s nightclub, Kitty Su has established itself as the ultimate destination for all dance and music lovers. Guests at Kitty Su get to experience the latest in various music genres played by their original producers, from House, Techno, Commercial to Pop, Electro and combination.

Kitty Su also takes pride in showcasing the best of fashion & trends, and pampering its audience with the evermore loved champagne shower. For the discerning ones who love the best of music, dance, fashion and champagne, there is possibly no better place than this. And it offers a variety of finger food to pair with your favourite drink to help you relax. If you’re in the mood for exclusive fine dining experience, you must try Baluchi, one of the best Luxury Restaurants in Delhi.

The best dance venue in the heart of the city, Kitty Su has hosted some of the biggest names in EDM (Electronic Dance Music). From internationally popular names like Steve Aoki, Bob Sinclair, Alesso and Hardwell to promising upcoming artistes poised to explode onto the scene, this club is all about the best of dance music. With its spacious dance floor, sleek décor, buzzing dance music and beautifully choreographed spot-lights and lasers, it gives the vibes of the most happening nightclub in the city.

Now in a city where night clubs are known to be admonishing places for sexual and gender minorities, Kitty Su has stood out among its peers as an inclusive space. Even as the LGBTQI+ movement continues to gain momentum in the country, Kitty Su has already become a formidable symbol of inclusivity. It has evolved into something much more than just a luxurious club known for its DJ parties and high profile private events, to create a genuinely inclusive society. Today, Kitty Su has become a vital element of Delhi’s thriving cosmopolitan culture.

So if you’re serious about your dancing and partying, don’t think twice about hitting Kitty Su. An ultimate destination for all electronic dance music lovers, Kitty Su celebrates the youthful spirit of India that is firmly rooted in its distinct cultural heritage. The old yet elegantly beautiful décor, the courteous staff and the neon blue lights is sure to charm you. Kitty Su is a perfect setting for those special all-night gatherings and DJ occasions, when you want to spend a great night with friends, and the right music, food plus setting on offer. And it inspires you to host something special exclusive and exclusive for your close ones, you may go for choose the expansive banqueting space of The LaLiT, which has the Best Banquet Halls In Delhi.

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