Why The Nightlife of Mumbai is the Best

The city which never sleeps, the city which is known for its resilient spirit, its cultural outlook, its warmth and friendly outlook, its colonial past and modern development is Mumbai. Undoubtedly the city with the best and most vibrant nightlife in India is certainly Mumbai.

The sheer options for food and entertainment in the city is mindboggling. And let us be mindful of the fact that these come to suit all budgets. There are the best, the plushest, the most luxurious night clubs like the Kitty Su (The Lalit Mumbai) on the one hand and the street side jam sessions and performers at the Juhu and Chowpatty beaches on the other.

Mumbaikars have elevated clubbing to nothing short of an art form. As Mumbaikars say, the night clubs of the business hotels in Mumbai are the places where the party never stops. The throbbing music, the glamourous décor, the flowing cocktails and the crowded dance floors stand testimony to the fun-loving spirit of the city.

The best known fact about the city, perhaps, is that it is home to Bollywood, the glitzy world of the silver screen. What we often fail to realize is that apart from the numerous cinemas that fill up with thronging crowds each night, Mumbai is home to some of the best stage shows and plays. Each night you are likely to come across some of the best Hindi, English, Marathi, and Gujarati plays and literary meets in the city.

If it is a quiet evening of culinary delights that you look forward to a romantic dinner in Mumbai, there are more options than you can imagine. From restaurants that are worthy of a Michelin Star to delightful street food outlets, from salad bars to dessert bars – there is just about anything you can imagine. Mumbai is one of the premier metropolitan cities in India and the financial capital of the country as well. This makes it a melting pot of global cultures. So if you are in the mood to experiment with international cuisines, chances are you may find it in Mumbai.

Vying for attention with all this is the rich music and dance performances scene in Mumbai. From the rich classical dance forms such as Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Odisi, and Kuchipudi to folk dances such as Lavani, Bhangra, Ghoomar and many, many more are performed throughout the city. You can also expect numerous Indian classical, folk music, international, instrumental, and vocal music performances in the city, particularly over the weekends.

The best time to experience the vibrant nightlife in Mumbai is definitely during the Navratri when dandiya and garbha events and cultural performances are organized all over the city.

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