Why Staying at a Hotel Near the Airport is Best for your Business Trip

Business travel comes with its own specific set of requirements which are rather different from those of leisure-related travel and vacations. Business hotels cater to the specific needs of travelling professionals, entrepreneurs, and businessmen. These days many of the 5 star hotels near Mumbai Airport and other major airports of the country are reinventing themselves into preferred business hotels.

Let us take a look at some of the reasons why it is best for business travellers to stay in a hotel near the airport.

  • Right at the heart of all business travel is the travel itself. This means early morning or late night flights, packed schedules, and very little time for rest. Staying at a hotel near the airport cuts down the time required for business professionals to commute from the hotel to the airport, giving them more time to relax and prepare themselves for a long work day. Hotels near airports are also ideal for business travellers who are in town for short periods of time.

5 Star Hotels Near Mumbai Airport

  • When you have a number of business professionals travelling in to town for a conference or to negotiate a deal, it makes great sense to arrange their stay and the conference itself in a hotel near the airport. This will make it easy to schedule and combine various hotel transfers. In major cities like Mumbai holding a conference away from the airport will translate into lost man hours and extended periods of time stuck in the traffic.


  • Most hotels near major airports in the major cities of the country are equipped with the amenities and facilities that are perfect for business travellers and professionals. Traditionally, airport hotels were short stay hotels that were preferred by travellers who used them for stopovers. They needed facilities like good meals, 24-hour gymnasiums, pools, and comfortable rooms with great service. Most of these requirements also fit the needs of business travellers who look for a home away from home in the midst of a hectic schedule.

The LaLiT Mumbai, for example, is a 5 star airport hotel which also has one of best dinner places in Mumbai apart from offering excellent fitness, conferencing, and concierge services at the same time.

In many major cities of the country, the airport is located in a suburban neighbourhood which offers a high amount of serenity and tranquillity. These are the best places to hold conferences and corporate retreats because of the beauty, and the high standard of living in these airport hotels are just perfect for business travel purposes. Add to this the facilities offered by airport hotels such as late checkout and airport transfers and the savings from taxi fares and car rentals. And you have a very persuasive case for hotels near airports to be the best suited for business travel.

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