What Makes London So Important – A Brief History

Londoners have a popular saying ‘Once you are tired of London, you are tired of life’. London has long been an important city not just to the United Kingdom but to the entire world. From cultural and historical treasures to being the hot seat of Britain’s commercial activity, the city offers absolutely everything.

London was originally founded by the Romans as Londinium during their rule from 43 AD to 5th century AD. By the 14th Century, London emerged as a vital European hub for distribution of goods around the world. The city flourished as the textile industry continued to strengthen in the 15th Century. Over the next two centuries, London heavily benefited from maritime trade expansion and centralized politics.

Given the rich history and past, it’s no wonder that today London is counted among the most visited cities in the world. There are plenty of reasons that make the British capital so popular among travellers from around the globe. London’s rich history is treasured in its National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery, embodying the true spirit of the city. These big museums are abundant with important works of art and literature that inspire thinkers till date. Same is the case with V&A, Science Museum, Tate Modern, Tate Britain and British Museum.

places to eat in London

Apart from the museums, London has also played an undeniably crucial role in the shaping of art and culture around the world. Till date, designers, bloggers and fashionistas alike see London in line with Paris and Milan as their go-to city for the hottest trends in European fashion. London offers the best in shopping. From Selfridges, Liberty, Fortnum & Mason to Harrods, London’s shopping is not just about buying best in class products – people come here for the unmatched service and experience.

Long before the Internet, London’s pub circuit was the perfect place to meet like-minded people, make good conversation, kick back and have a good time. As it turns out, this still stands; places to eat in London are as charismatic as ever. London is home to classic pubs such as the Ye Olde Mitre in Ely Court where you can actually enjoy a drink next to a cherry tree where Queen Elizabeth I first danced around. You can also head to Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese located on Fleet Street where Charles Dickens once spent his evenings. Pubs in London are the beating heart of city life; they perfectly embody the British way of living.

London has history dating back to the Iron and Bronze Ages. Even today, walking through the streets, you’ll find a scent of Ancient Roman Empire at the London Wall and bits of the Middle Ages at the Tower of London. You’re bound to take back unforgettable memories, visiting a city that has retained its invaluable charm all throughout these years.

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