What makes Goa a Perfect Vacation Spot?

One of the most difficult tasks would be to find a traveller who has had enough of this Promised Land. Such is Goa that resides in our minds as an accessible paradise, irrespective of who you are and what you do. It is, without a doubt, the most the popular destinations in the entire country and not without reason.

Some find joy in the prolonged walks on the beach, others camping under its flora, and for the rest, a small whiff of the pure air cleanses them inside out. Everyone has a different answer to what makes Goa a perfect vacation spot. Here’s ours:

The rest is history

It is rather hard to keep Dil Chahta Hai out of the Goan picture as it did reveal the state in all its splendour. The Aguada Fort, like many others across the humble state, on the beach with its magnificent view of the Arabian Sea is integral. First a fort and then used as a jail, the fort is a reminiscent of Portuguese architecture that still defines the culture of state.

More than meets the eye 

The increasing magnitude of travellers flocking towards Goa have opened the way to the part that is rather unexplored. The Bohemian feel resides in the time-tested bungalows and lively coloured houses with overhanging balconies and the churches from the bygone era. The real Goan life is in the seafood, flowers and exotic spices markets. Concealed from most of the travellers, this side of Goa is best explored on foot while you enjoy your favourite beer or feni.

Carnival of traditions

Goans are privy to some of the oldest traditions and they never fail to make a carnival out of it. The Goa carnival, which is a Portuguese festival, is celebrated for four long days. It is the epitome of celebration with the most wondrous ceremonies, shows and entertainment. The colourful floats are something you must not miss if you’ve booked a room in one of the resorts in Goa in February.

Raining happiness and merriment

The winters attract travellers from across the world to Goa, but the state is equally mesmerising during the monsoons. The air is cooler, and the flora refreshed with the showers. If you don’t like huge crowds and want your share of solitude, monsoon is the time to visit. It is the perfect time to explore the ghats and the spice garden or go rafting in the Mhadei river. Finally, the waterfalls are in full swing and it is worthy to take a train to witness the Dhudsagar falls.

Your ticket to the best meal

A hearty meal, no matter where, satisfies our sense, especially when having one next to the sea. This is perhaps the reason why you always feel good in Goa. The candle lit tables on the beaches and some of the time grown recipes make the seafood worthy of indulgence. Dishes like Prawn Balchao, Fish Curry and Fish Recheado at the top restaurants in Goa complete the Goan picture. Moreover, it is as if every café, club, restaurant or household specialises in making cocktails.

Every time you visit Goa, you find out something else you’d like to explore. Be it the water sports, long bike rides, parties, shopping or kayaking in the moonlight, the list of activities is endless.

So, what makes Goa the perfect vacation spot? You tell us!

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