Welcome to the ‘Floating’ World at Dal Lake

Kashmir lets you explore the snow-engulfed beauty of the Himalayas like no other place! The scenic valleys of Kashmir take forms of white sheets of ice to lush green valleys, depending on the season, but nothing beats the charm of the valley in the summer. It’s not biting cold, the sunlight and fresh mountain air feel rejuvenating, and there’s enough greenery around for you to appreciate the gifts of nature.

There is no better way to witness the charm of Srinagar and life in the valley than floating in the world of Dal Lake in the comfort of a shikara. Laced with green hills and colourful flowers, this famous lake only adds to its ethereal beauty. As you move around, you cannot miss the flowers smiling at you, which are found in abundance at the famous Mughal Gardens. Besides the bright and colourful flower beds, these gardens have various fountains with Persian carvings, giving them a royal look. It’s hard to find so much grace and elegance at one place.

In the early mornings, the Lake becomes a hub of activity as locals trade out of their canoes and do brisk business. The floating vegetable market is a delightful sight. This land’s rich ecosystem produces plenty of tomatoes, cucumbers, water chestnuts and of course, the famous nadru (lotus roots). Sellers gather with their produce in the centre of the lake at the crack of dawn and wrap up just as sunlight hits the waters. The haggling and exchange all last hardly an hour, soon after which everyone disappears back to their village as if the market never existed.

Apart from the charm of Dal Lake, one another unmissable delight of Kashmir is its ethnic cuisine. Its highlight is the ‘wazwaan’, a quintessential Kashmiri multi-course meal that includes various types of delectable vegetarian and meat preparations. Whether you are a foodie or not, you must try them out at any of the good restaurants in Srinagar.

If you’re wondering where to stay in Kashmir for your summer holiday, there is no cause to look further as you will find a number of Hotels in Srinagar near Dal Lake to choose from. However, if you desire an accommodation as charming as the valleys, and at a place to soak in the beauty and aura of the surroundings, then spend your holiday at The LaLiT Grand Palace Srinagar. Surrounded by 100-year-old Chinar trees with the picturesque Dal Lake nearby, this place has a soothing ambience that seamlessly blends the ethnic vibes of the region with world-class modern amenities. Unwind amidst the pure and astounding beauty of nature for an experience of a lifetime.

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