Wanderlust Bites!!

Tulip Garden Srinagar Never thought I’ll do it…but I did.

Romantic at heart that I am, I gave up a lucrative job to go roaming the world. Always harboured this fantasy, but a couple of months ago, I mustered the courage to journey like Columbus. I called it quits at office; gathered my savings, wits, and passport, and I was ready to zip, zap, zoom!

“Bags are packed, I’m ready to go…” But where? Sun-kissed beaches? Majestic mountains? Or Bustling cities? Touristy places? Salty lagoons?

Vague images began to swim in by head. Exotic tales of love, valour and famed hospitality, festivals of colour and light, mystic images of snake charmers and elephants, art and craftsmanship, faith and spirituality, forts and modern cities, cars and camels…

It became clearer to me. I was headed to India! Incredible India, waiting to be explored.

India is a breathtaking mix of desert dunes, mighty mountain ranges, azure seas and beaches, and gentle plains. It is a unique diaspora of diverse cultures and cuisines as varied as the different continents put together and more.

My sojourn begins, and I promise to take you along on my discovery of India- the highs and the lows, the journey to places that mesmerize, what I liked and disliked, and above all,  breathe life into experiences that make memories.

So, get set and tighten your seat belts, for a roller coaster ride it promises to be!!

Bon Voyage!!

“Travelogue by The Curious Traveller”

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