Unravel the Cultural Side of Kolkata

Kolkata is undoubtedly one of India’s most important cultural hubs. From being a pioneer in art and craft to spearheading music, dance and literature in the country, Kolkata has always been a front-runner. As a melting pot of Western and Eastern cultural influences, it wouldn’t be wrong to call this city the birthplace of modern Indian artistic thought.

Read on to find out how you can unravel this unique cultural side when staying at one of the best hotels in Kolkata:

Museums and libraries

Kolkata is home to over 30 museums covering a myriad of diverse fields. The Indian Museum is among the oldest in the country, standing strong in time since 1814. The Victoria Memorial museum in the heart of the city is an important landmark that should be a must visit on your list. A trip to the museum here is a great way to trace India’s colonial past and heritage.

The Asutosh Museum of Indian Art, part of the University of Calcutta is a stunning exhibition of the folk art of Bengal. Science city on the other hand is a large entertainment complex cum science museum – a first of its kind in Asia. The Bengal Literary Society, Asiatic Society of Bengal and the National Library house valuable collections of rare manuscripts and books.

Music and Art

Bengalis have been associated with literary and artistic pursuits for centuries. With the advent of the literary movement in the mid 19th century, Kolkata witnessed a dawn of cultural renaissance. Nobel Prize laureate, Rabindranath Tagore pioneered this Cultural Revolution with his invaluable contribution in music, drama, poetry and painting. Even to this day, his work inspires thousands around the city to pursue and display their artistic instinct. Evenings in Kolkata are brought to life with big and small plays, musical concerts and theatre performances held around the city. The city is an especially important hub for traditional and contemporary music, being the birthplace of numerous artists and musical societies.


With over 200 squares, parks and lovely open spaces beautifully maintained by the Municipal Corporation of Kolkata, the city presents you the perfect opportunity to take a moment to stop and stare. Walking through the city centre, admiring stunning colonial architecture and watching trams go by, you’re bound to feel like time has stood still. One of the most popular open spaces in Kolkata

– The ‘Maidan’ is spread over 1,000 acres of land. Stop by to watch a good game of local cricket or football. There are also a number of golf courses and racecourses around the city. You could also go to the Lake Club or Bengal Rowing Club for a fun evening of rowing.

The city has an unmatched cultural charm attached to it. No matter whether you’re looking for an exciting marriage venue in Kolkata or planning a relaxing trip to the city of joy, your visit is going to be filled with copious amounts of colour, laughter and culture.

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