Things to Keep in Mind when Planning your Wedding in Jaipur

With all the royalty and old-fashioned charm, Jaipur transcends the image of just a travel destination. It provides great alternatives to beach weddings for those who seek formal setups with a touch of opulence. And the history and heritage of the place have it in abundance. Like many others, if wedding venues in Jaipur lure you more than those in your hometown, you can be sure that you’re not mistaken. Start planning NOW for destination weddings require a little more than the usual. Apart from that, here are a few things you need to take care of before you take the pheras.

wedding venues in Jaipur


It all begins with the venue and accommodation. It is one of the significant expenditures and something about which people are going to talk forever. Great if you already have a place in mind. If not, you can go for a reputable hotel or any place that provides accommodation. This is good for two reasons – it’s convenient for the guests and much more fun when everybody’s celebrating together. You can choose between the traditional hotels or modern hotels with more comfort.


The excitement that builds as everyone is in transit is out of this world. The mood is elevated and celebration reigns in everyone’s mind. However, it takes some planning and arrangement. Start with deciding whether you expect everyone to reach on their own, which is fine if you’re traveling from somewhere close by like Delhi. You should consider arranging flight or train tickets for those traveling from distant parts of the country. If accommodation is at the venue, you will save time, money, and effort on local travel.

Accommodation & Food

It is not just the ceremony, but every little bit that matters when it comes to a wedding. The accommodation and food contribute significantly as they can make or break any moment. You ought to make sure that everyone is comfortable after a long journey and satisfied with the food. Consider the best caterers or choose a venue that takes care of this without you having to separately managing all these things.


Even though in the very centre of the royal land, the venue must be decorated like the prince and princess themselves are getting married. Apart from the aesthetic value, the wedding pictures depend on the decoration and it should be spot on. Choose a theme and go for royal colours like gold.

Choose packages that include everything to save some big bucks, which you could probably use for the honeymoon or starting a new life in a new home. Choose to get married at the LaLiT and we promise that you will be getting married at one of the best 5-star hotels in Jaipur that we will prove with our hospitality and you will have to do almost nothing but make the best of your special day!

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