The Ultimate Camping Destination – Mangar

Mangar Bani is a mystical grove located in the vicinity of the capital city of Delhi. It is one of the last natural tropical forests in the Delhi-NCR region. People from and around Delhi visit this place regularly owing to its pristine greenery and rejuvenating environment. Further, the huge crowd has led to the opening of the best hotels and restaurants of Faridabad in this area.

A visit to this locality gives an escape from the monotonous schedule of the daily corporate life of people residing in cities. The calm and tranquil environment works like a charm in alluring the tourists. Snuggling in the lap of nature, Mangar Bani offers auspicious views and mesmerising sights that revitalise the soul.

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Deforestation is increasing at an alarming rate but the tales of the local sage Gudariya Baba kept this forest preserved from any such threat. He visited this part of the grove in search of enlightenment and meditated in a cave for years. Subsequent to his disappearance, the word spread that anyone who tries to bring any harm to this forest or its habitat will be engulfed in his wrath. Since then, the local communities protect the forest from outsiders and let the natural flora and fauna bloom. This has resulted in massive growth in the wildlife population in this area and turned it into an ideal destination for adventure enthusiasts.

Besides the indispensable scenic beauty, wandering aimlessly in the woods to catch a glimpse of wild animals surviving in their natural habitat is an overwhelming experience. For people looking forward to abandoning their tedious lifestyle, Mangar Bani is a green paradise that enchants them with its impeccable beauty.

The wilderness of the jungle entices zealous trekkers and adventurers in its vicinity for camping. Rock climbing, rappelling, night treks are some of the common activities people love to indulge in. Apart from that, the forest is home to many bird species so carrying a binocular is mandatory for bird watching. If you want a weekend getaway, Mangar Bani is the quintessential place to embrace your freedom.

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