The Life of a Foodie in Udaipur

Owing to the abundant eateries and elegant restaurants that dot the majestic landscape, it would be precise to assume that the residents of Udaipur take the art of fine dining rather seriously.

Being home to the best traditional restaurants and nouveau eateries offering a fusion of both the old and the new, Udaipur is every foodie’s heaven. Offering the guests eclectic gastronomical delights, it is hard to fall short of options suiting every palate and preference while in Udaipur. Moreover, Udaipur is home to some of the most appreciated and savoured cuisines in the world, satiating the food cravings of all foodies.

Renowned for its modish rooftop restaurants, eating in Udaipur is also about the views and not just the food. And for those foodies who completely agree, the best lake view hotels in Udaipur such as The LaLiT Laxmi Vilas Palace Udaipur are enough to let them dig their teeth into the finest local delicacies that Udaipur has in store while enjoying a luxurious stay at the same time. Here are a few other reasons that make Udaipur, every foodie’s paradise-

Traditional Dining Fiesta

Known to be an amalgamation of all traditional delectable dishes, the Rajasthani thali is a full meal in itself. The best time to relish the thali is during the lunch so that you have enough time to digest it all till you are ready for dinner again.

Although the miniature version of all the culinary delights packed into one plate is served at many dining halls across Udaipur, a visit to a specialty thali joint or Krishna Dal Bati Restro would satisfy even the pickiest of foodies. Also, it is hard to miss the palatable dal bati churma which is the quintessential Rajasthani dish.

Dining By The Lake

Sitting by the lake, savouring a great meal while enjoying the lights shimmering on the water – exactly the things great holidays are made of. Needless to mention there are numerous restaurants in Udaipur offering the same. Heading to Aangan of The LaLiT Laxmi Vilas Palace Udaipur can be a dream come true for every foodie that happens to visit the Venice of the east. Apart from offering highly palatable food, the restaurant is also host to authentic traditional Rajasthani folk dance performances.

The famous “laal maans” of Rajasthan is served at its best at Aangan and as a foodie you must not miss the signature specialties that include barbecue and grilled dishes. If little booze is on your mind, you wouldn’t be disappointed as the restaurant also serves an exclusive selection of wines, beers, and cocktails.

Experiencing The Old-World Rajasthan

The culinary delights of Rajasthan are greatly influenced by Rajputs and Mughals who have ruled the place for ages. Having food in one of those restaurants which maintain a royal milieu is analogous to being transported to the time of the maharajas. Any foodie would feel delighted experiencing the old world Rajasthan while hogging his favourite dishes.

Padmini of The LaLiT Laxmi Vilas Palace Udaipur is one such restaurant that provides a perfect setting for a truly royal meal. It is hard not to fall in love with the diverse menu highlighted by authentic Rajasthani and Indian delicacies and an assortment of continental specialties.

Give up all your plans if you have to attend a palace wedding in Udaipur, which is your key to feasting on many gastronomical delights to your heart’s content and rounding it off with mouth-watering sweet dishes.

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