The LaLiT Mangar

The LaLiT Mangar: That Place Called Home

Just next to the rush of the cities is a little haven; Mangar Bani sits quietly, but with some poise in the Aravallis of Faridabad. The quaint place is a remnant of tropical forests in the National Capital Region (NCR). The flora and fauna of the place are a matter of much interest amongst geologists.

Amidst the beautiful valley, tucked away in the landscapes, is The LaLiT Mangar like icing on the cake. The whole idea of the property is to serve as a getaway for the city dwellers looking for respite from the bustle. It offers a therapeutic view of the valleys that resemble a chimera, within an hour’s drive from Delhi.

Love at First Sight

The LaLiT Mangar invites couples to indulge in rehabilitant activities like poetry classes, yoga, evening tea, and stargazing during the night. We celebrate love here and that is why we do our best to create an environment full of romance for a day when you finally think of dropping the big question. We also turn our facilities into the best wedding venues in Faridabad. What can be better than getting married in the arms of nature just next to your hometown?

At your Leisure

There are some for whom life is but an adventure and if you fall in that category, The LaLiT Mangar is on the top of the Faridabad hotel list for you. The mesmerising forest grove is perfect to try your hand at zorbing, zip lining, ATV riding, rock climbing, rappelling, and obstacle course.

To Say Nothing of the Property

The suites are built separately from each other for absolute privacy. Apart from the usual TV, spacious closets, customised beds, and a sizeable bathroom, the rooms have their own balconies where you can spend the time with your loved one(s) enjoying your favourite drinks and chatting away while you take in the aura of the only place untouched by colonial turmoil. The resort is built in built with earth rammed architecture that are non-polluting and non-toxic to the nature.

Food for the soul

We believe that a good meal makes the day, which is why The LaLiT Mangar is one of the few places across the country that sources its own vegetables to ensure that the meals are as healthy as they are tasty. Lemon grass, basil, coriander, and many vegetables are grown at our in-house farms.

The Time Reversal Spa that offers a blend of contemporary and traditional practices, multi-cuisine restaurants Alfresco & the Dining Room, and the panoramic view from the terrace are simply scintillating. Mangar Bani is a small area covered by the beauty of forests and rendered a home by The LaLiT waiting for you to arrive.

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