The LaLiT Mangar – A Rustic Refuge!

About an hour’s drive away from Delhi, Mangar is a complete contrast to the hustle and bustle that one comes across in the capital city. Mangar Bani is located on the Aravallis, the foothills of Himalayas. Believed to be 670 million years old, the valley is one of the last remaining patches of natural forest in the region of Haryana. Amidst the beautiful Mangar Bani Valley, The LaLiT Mangar offers you an experience that is truly worth indulging in.

When you wish to escape from your daily busy life, when you want to experience the warmth of nature and when you want to be surrounded by calmness, The LaLiT Mangar with its ideal location and limitless hospitality provides an ideal refuge. The experiential hotel introduces you to the beauty of rustic life and lets you enjoy the rawness around.


Mangar Bani


The valley is truly an oasis of retreat for city dwellers with gifts of nature in abundance. Equally ‘natural’ is The LaLiT Mangar. It is built using the unique concept of architecture, which uses raw materials like earth chalk and gravel in layers of the walls. The concept is called Rammed Earth Technology and it definitely brings you more ‘down to Earth’, literally!

It is a visual treat to see all the walls of the hotel as each displays different patterns and shades as a result of individual working on them and soil mix generated in it. Rammed Earth Technology is non-toxic, non-polluting, Eco-friendly hence blending with natural environment of Mangar. It provides a cozy set up and is extremely comfortable to live in.


The LaLiT Mangar


While a stay at the experiential hotel takes you closer to nature in its best and untouched form, the food at the experiential hotel lets you taste the real and unadulterated flavours of vegetables and fruits. With an aim to serve only the best in terms of quality and taste, the food at The LaLiT Mangar is all organic. All the ingredients used in the unique recipes, be it basil, lemon grass, coriander, vegetables and fruits or spices, are produced using organic farming techniques in the in-house farms of The Lalit. The ingredients being free of any kind of chemicals ensure that the original taste and all the nutrients are intact in the food.

You can also explore your adventurous side with the exciting array of recreational activities, explore the various exciting experiences  or sip in some refreshing cutting chai at the Tea Tapri, which instantly teleports you to the rustic villages of India. The LaLiT Mangar welcomes you with open arms to hear the sounds of tranquility, indulge in the serenity and experience the raw beauty of nature.

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