Take the Best Indian Food Tour Outside of India

There are so many different varieties of cuisines to try around the world. But sometimes we can’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia for the taste of home. Think shahi paneer, dal makhani, butter chicken and tandoori chicken for instance and you will know what we’re talking about here. Finding authentic Indian food abroad can get difficult but we have curated here some of the best restaurants in different parts of the world to get the best Indian food experience outside India.


While there will almost always be an Indian restaurant in the countries you visit, London takes the cake in making great, authentic Indian food. And why not, our chicken tikka masala has become the unofficial national food of London. This is also because London has a huge Indian population.

The LaLiT London is a splendid place to stay in the city with arguably the best Indian food. Its restaurant Baluchi has excellent service and world-class décor, apart from intense authenticity in its dishes and its very own special bread bar ‘naanery’ – which serves authentic Indian breads paired with delicious wines. The restaurant’s food is headed up and monitored by professional Indian chefs who have a passion for their own food.

There is an enormous range of Indian restaurants in this multicultural city. Some of the other London restaurants to try for pleasurable Indian food experiences are Zaika on Kensington High Street and Tower Tandoori on Tower Bridge Road.


With a mutual appreciation for hot spice, restaurants of our Asian neighbour Thailand know how to cater to customer’s taste. Thailand’s capital Bangkok has a huge number of delicacies to try, but they also get their Indian food right. In fact, there is a whole area in Bangkok called Little India where you will get plenty of places to relish Indian food and flavours.

Rang Mahal and Charcoal Tandoor Grill & Mixology on Sukhumvit Road are some of the most favoured luxury Indian restaurants in Thailand. But if you want a simple dining experience, then try Chennai Kitchen at Bang Rak or Royal India at Phra Nakhon.

Trinidad and Tobago

The Caribbean has a huge Indian population and their national cuisine reflects a blend of Indian dishes with other cultural influences. So you can expect to find dishes that not only align with your own taste buds, but also new dishes similar in taste that you will be in love with. We recommend the ubiquitous goat roti and doubles sold by local vendors on the roads. For a better experience, try George’s doubles at Carlos Street which are quite famous.


The past few decades have witnessed an explosive growth in the number of Indian restaurants across the United States. This is partly because of sharp increase in the Indian American population and partly because of the popularity of Indian cuisine internationally.

Junoon in New York is a modern Indian restaurant with an assortment of authentic Indian cuisines on offer. The menu includes India’s regional favourites made in traditional Indian style using tandoor, sigri, tawa and handi that imbue the unmistakably genuine Indian taste to their dishes.

The Bombay Club in Washington DC is also doing a commendable job in preparing some of the best Indian food away from India. It uses quality ingredients to create a perfect harmony of aroma and taste. The Goan, Mughlai and Parsi specialties are some of the most popular items here.

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