Revitalize Yourself At These Astounding Resorts Near Chandigarh

If you haven’t got a whiff of some steaming chhole bhature on a chilly morning, or spent an evening admiring the golden sun setting into Sukhna lake, or marvelled at the sheer resourcefulness and creativity man is capable of while strolling through Rock Garden, you are clearly missing out on something.

The city of Chandigarh exudes calm as much as it exudes simplicity and comfort. Wonderfully empty roads, and lush greenery make it the perfect getaway for the draining summer days. Moreover, a visit to one of the best fine dining restaurants in Chandigarh will be enough to make you want to come back to the city again and again. If you plan on visiting the city for a refreshing holiday, stay with one of the following resorts that will make your visit one worth remembering.

  • Timber Trail Resort

Perhaps one of the most popular resorts in Chandigarh, Timber Trail boasts of a wonderful blend of beauty, nature and luxury. Scenic views surrounding the place will also be a delight.

  • Kikar lodge

Another highly recommended choice is the charming Kikar Lodge. This jungle resort is spacious, warm and quite luxurious. Just being surrounded with greenery and a change in environment can go a long way in dissipating your stress or anxiety.

  • Golden Tulip Resort

This is a four-star luxury resort that offers state-of-the-art amenities and facilities. It is snugly situated amidst the breath-taking Morni hills, and also has a swimming pool. Enjoy your vacation thoroughly and let off some steam as you bask in the sunlight and take a dip in the cool water.

  • Kasauli Resort

This resort is located halfway between Shimla and Chandigarh. What makes it stand apart is that it maintains relics from the time of the British Raj. Its aesthetic value is also great, and the hospitality is no less. You will get the real vintage feeling in this surreal location.

  • Surya Vilas

If you are looking forward to inhaling some fresh hill air, then stay with Surya Vilas, where you will be promised a comfortable stay in the sweet solitude of the hills. It would truly be a calming experience and would help you detox from the stress that bogs you down.

  • Casba

A farm stay resort is always a delight to stay in, and this one goes a step further with sprawling greenery, guava orchards and a village in close proximity. It is perfect for those seeking a more rural experience, something other than the classic resort visits.

  • Aura Vaseela

Aura Vaseela is also a rural heritage resort, which is quaint and has a rustic and endearing vibe. You can spend a whole day here, or even the weekend enjoying the atmosphere. You will never feel like leaving the exuberant location and relaxing surroundings.

  • Moksha Himalaya Spa Resort

If you would like to have some quiet time, just introspecting in the midst of nature, go for this resort located in the Shivalik ranges. It is known for its rejuvenating spas and Ayurvedic treatments, along with soul meditation. Such activities can be even better at getting rid of any stress and getting into self-care mode.

All this being said, do not forget to taste the local food of the city which is absolutely delectable from the best restaurants in Chandigarh. There is no dearth of resorts, or refreshing activities for you to do. The city has various places of interest such as Rose Garden, Rock Garden, Open Hand Monument and various scenic locations. Also spend some time shopping and exploring the streets of the wisely planned city.

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