Rekindle Your Kitty Parties At The LaLiT Mangar

Relaxing, full of fun and entertainment, that is how we know kitty parties to be. And how we look forward to them to take a break from the daily grind and chill out with our close buddies. Earlier, known to be the preserve of female home-makers, now we see a new age version of it which is gaining popularity among working women and their husbands too. And why not, after all we are humans and we love to socialise.

With the festive season knocking at the door, your regular kitty party also deserves something special to sync with the festive mood. How about making them even more fun and somewhat less predictable which they have tended to become of late? Give your regular kitty parties the much-needed zing and enjoy an unforgettable kitty party at The LaLiT Mangar.

True, the festive season is about family traditions but how can we forget our friends who have become more than family. At The LaLiT Mangar, you can celebrate this Diwali season with your closest buddies in the refreshing, peaceful and beautiful Mangar Bani valley. Indulge yourself in the festive spirit in the air, dig into delicious spread, unwind and enjoy snacks through the day in the company of your near and dear ones. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, The LaLiT in Mangar is prepped up this season to indulge you and your gang with all this and more.

Home away from home, The LaLiT Mangar is one of the finest five star hotels in Gurgaon. It has a specially designed experience for kitty party revellers. It includes a delicious brunch, relaxing foot reflexology and pottery sessions. You can enjoy indulgent spa therapies, fun filled and healthy food sessions with the chef themselves, exhilarating nature treks and time enough to unwind and relax listening to the sound of silence in the lap of nature and luxury.

Surrounded by the timeless Aravalis, The LaLiT in Mangar is a haven far from the din and smoke of the urban life. You can soak yourself in the fresh and green natural surroundings that have become so rare to find back in the city. The place gives you intriguing sights of various kinds of birds and uninterrupted views of the greens and imposing hills from the resort’s rooftop. With bountiful spans of trees all around, it is a classy, luxurious and very well-maintained property.

Delicious food, relaxing spa, rejuvenating nature along with fun, games, drinks. Surely, The LaLiT Mangar kitty party promises to be one really memorable and fun-filled experience of celebrating with friends whom you don’t get to meet very often at other times of the year. For a longer party, you can enjoy a stay at the comfy luxury accommodations of this property which is counted among the best hotels in Faridabad. So don’t hold yourself back from a unique experience that is sure to stand etched in your memory as most unique and special.

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