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One of the most effective and might I add, enjoyable de-stressing routines by far, is to indulge in a relaxing spa treatment.  There’s nothing like spending a few serene hours in the luxurious comforts of a spa being pampered and losing yourself in a blissful reverie. When it comes to choosing the best spa for such an indulgence, its difficult to look beyond Rejuve, the chain of spas at the Lalit hotels. It has something to offer for everyone, starting from Aroma, Ayurvedic and Herbal therapies to the signature Rejuve packages and body treatments.

I spent an afternoon at the Rejuve in The Lalit Delhi to try out the Rejuve Experience Scented with Mandarin, one of their many signature Aromatherapy packages.

When I arrived at the spa, I was directed to the steam room for a 10-mintue cleansing ritual. The shower and locker area adjacent to the spa is impressively clean and spacious, with a steam room, sauna, row of showers and a wall stacked high with fresh towels. After a quick shower I slipped into a pristine white bathrobe and was lead to the treatment/massage room.

Each room is a sanctuary with adjustable ambient light, a choice of soothing music and a private shower cubicle. As I lay down on soft and plush towels laid out on the massage bed, the soft-spoken therapist checked to see that I was comfortable with the temperature in the room, the light and music. Dollops of the tamarind and cane sugar scrub were rubbed onto my skin to exfoliate it.

The scrub can feel a little abrasive so it’s good to inform the therapist should you want it rubbed in gently. After a session of thorough exfoliation I took another shower to prepare for the deep tissue massage. You can substitute the deep tissue massage for an aroma massage if you prefer something less vigorous. 15 minutes into the massage I was already feeling so relaxed that I started dozing off, to awaken intermittently as she worked on nerves and muscles I didn’t know existed. The aroma oils were subdued and not over-powering and small whiffs of it stimulates your olfactory senses. After another hour of pure bliss, a soothing facial ensued. The facial ended with a cold towel dab, which woke me up instantly feeling refreshed. The session ended with a pot of their signature Rejuve green tea, served with honey. Time seemed to have passed by so quickly that I wished the whole experience had lasted longer. But I took comfort in the fact that they were other treatments to try, at another time! I had found a new refuge in an oasis of calm in the middle of the city.

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