Planning a Splendid Anniversary Surprise for Your Parents in Jaipur

Your parents have just completed their Silver or Golden jubilee together and a special surprise is on the cards. A jumble of cultural programs and parties awaits in the Pink City followed by a stay for the couple with enough time to take in the royalty.

Jaipur is the very birthplace of opulence and surely serves as the quintessential destination for an anniversary surprise. It is welcoming and offers a miscellany of experiences. Choose from the best resorts in Jaipur Rajasthan like the LaLiT Jaipur for a memory beyond time.

Private Dining

Even if only for a single course, a private dinner is somewhat necessary. After all, they need to relive the time spent together and bask in the warmth of their love for each other. Either a jeep ride that leads to a dinner on the dunes with a private screen, butler, musician, flowers, cake, or a quiet yet elaborate dinner at Jharoka at the LaLiT Jaipur where privacy and immaculate service reign, will do.

Sing Your Heart Out

Not literally though. Some music is always welcome to the couple ready to spend another lifetime in each other’s company. Select their favourites to be played on the stereo or live. What parents secretly adore is their children letting them know (directly or metaphorically) how beautiful a world they created for each other and their children. So, pick the best lines and let them flow to make their night one to remember till the last day. On second thoughts, it wouldn’t be too bad to sing your heart out literally!

Invite everyone

And now for the real surprise, invite every close friend and family member who will light their day right up. The excitement that builds up to the moment when your oldies look stunned is worth every effort. A little tip – greet all the guests with some sweets and take it from us – this surprise party will be the benchmark among the attendees.

Memoirs of a couple

Whether you choose to create a slideshow from the wedding pictures to till date or express every memory that comes to mind is up to you. A little nostalgia that brings out a tear or two strengthens the bond. The substance behind these memories has something very lifelike that fills the heart with joy and the mind with peace.

Some couple Time

Time to leave the couple alone.

Let them indulge in the offerings of the splendid city. Book family hotels in Jaipur for a few days so that they may visit the famous Amer Fort, Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, City Palace, Nahargarh Fort, Jantar Mantar, and Jaigarh Fort. Jaipur has several museums as well like the Albert Hall Museum that was built in the 19th century and displays some great pieces of paintings, brassware, pottery, woodwork etc.

Book their stay with us and give them time off from their daily life and let Jaipur ignite a love anew!

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