Chandigarh will never be the same again!

The City of Gardens, Chandigarh, has never had it better.

For years it has been the heart and addiction of Bangalore, and has left others wanting.

But, Chandigarh need not wait anymore. OKO is finally here and will heighten your senses with its spread of supreme Pan Asian Cuisine.

There is no better place in India to savor the delicacies of Asian cuisine than OKO. Miele Guide ’13 made that declaration official by placing OKO amongst the top 500 Restaurants in Asia!

The essence of food at OKO is detailed and authentic and the cuisines are varied. From the extremely popular sushi to the delicious tempura, the entire Asian platter is in front of you with Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese options.

But wait, there is more!

OKO has a sexy neighbor too. She is a diva and will blow your mind!. Yes, we are talking about Kitty Su, as she makes a grand entrance in Chandigarh too.

It is a deadly combination. The supreme fine dining at OKO, amalgamated with the sparkling coolness of Kitty Su.


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