Must-See Religious Places in Mumbai

For majority of us, Mumbai is the commercial capital of India and one of the largest metropolitans. But not many know that this incredible city also has a secular character to it. The place is home to extravagant religious structures which include glorious mosques, striking temples, beautiful synagogues and splendid churches. These places are highly revered by Mumbaikars as well as tourists who come here to seek blessings of the Almighty. If you are planning to explore the religious places in Mumbai, you must visit some of these wonderful structures. Here we have listed the places that every pious soul must explore:

Siddhivinayak temple: constructed in 1801, this ancient temple is a standing testament of magnificence and architecture. It is dedicated to the lord of good fortune- ‘Lord Ganesh’- the elephant-head deity of Hinduism. The temple has a grand worship place and attracts thousands of visitors every day. It is also very popular among celebs and as a result receives huge donations every year. If you have booked your stay in one of the top hotels in Mumbai like The LaLiT Mumbai, you can easily reach this magnificent temple in just about 30 minutes by car. Contact the front desk for more information on the itineraries and day trips from the property.

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Must-See Religious Places in Mumbai

situated on an islet around 500 yards from the sea shore of Arabian Sea, this historical landmark is a perfect example of Indo-Islamic architectural styles. The ‘durgah’ consists of a tomb of Haji Ali Shah Bukhari who became a saint before going on the holy pilgrimage to Mecca. Despite being a symbol of Islamic architecture, this place is visited by people of all religious faiths. It has a narrow cemented path which is only accessible during low tides. Make sure you visit this beautiful landmark and soak in the spirituality when exploring Mumbai.

ISKON Temple: dedicated to Lord Krishna, this marble temple is truly one of the most peaceful temples you’ll find in Mumbai. It is spread over 4 acres and is adorned with beautiful statues, paintings and attractive chandeliers. If you are exploring the temples of Mumbai, do spend an evening here listening the chants of Hare Krishna, Hare Rama and enjoying the aarti and bhajans.

After soaking in the splendour of the place, head to any of the top hotels in Mumbai for a spiritually nourishing meal.

We would recommend you visit the above temples to admire their beautiful architecture, meditate and seek blessings of the God.

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