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Mental Healthcare from an LGBTQI+ Perspective

Mental health affects everyone, no matter one’s age, gender, class or sexuality. It has taken years of struggle for our society to understand and acknowledge the importance of mental health and treat it in line with physical wellbeing. But when it comes to the LGBTQI+ community, stigmas are abundant and our understanding limited. Delving into the complexities of mental health in the LGBTQI+ context requires a great deal of sensitivity and professional guidance.

In an attempt to bridge the gap and take the lead in addressing this important issue, The LaLiT New Delhi is hosting an event on July 1st, 2018 in collaboration with Indian Psychiatrics Society and HealthCare Professionals for Queer India (HPQI).

The goal behind organizing this event is to create awareness on the issues pertaining to mental healthcare for the LGBTQI+ community. The event will see professionals from all around the country come together to highlight various aspects relating to mental healthcare in the community.

General perception towards mental health has undoubtedly improved over the past few decades, but stereotypes against mental illness are still overpowering. This is largely due to lack of education, misinformation and stigmas – challenges that are even greater with the LGBTQI+ community. Treating patients from the community can be a sensitive matter. The only way to beat these obstacles is to drive large-scale awareness, break stereotypes and ensure that all patients are provided the best care possible.

This event at The LaLiT New Delhi will see a number of noted professionals gather to train fellow academicians, specialists and doctors to counsel on mental health issues faced by the members of the community. It is an extremely delicate situation and everyone from the individual to the family needs guidance. This event is a small step in changing perceptions and bringing about positive change in society. Being unable to find proper help when faced with mental issues takes a toll not just on the patient but also those around them. By providing the right care and assistance to ease mental suffering of any kind, we are paving the way for an accepting, warm and healthy society.

At The LaLiT, we believe in providing a safe, gender agnostic environment that welcomes all. Keeping in line with our message of #PureLove, we welcome everyone without any discrimination on the basis on gender, sexual preferences, religion or physical abilities. This initiative takes us closer to achieving our dream of emotional, physical and mental well being for all by providing a dependable avenue in the face of India’s mental healthcare fraternity.

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