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Let The Wanderlust Take Over On Your Next Trip To London

Home to the likes of Big Ben, bright red double decker buses and iconic phone booths, London is undoubtedly one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Its modern, contemporary, world-class vibe is matched with a subtle old-world charm characteristic of Europe. Read on to find out how to let wanderlust take over on your next trip to London:

1. Food

With London being one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, every other street reveals a new cultural influence – more often than not in terms of food. From street vendors to the best restaurants in London, your palate is in for a pleasant surprise when visiting the British capital. Check out Borough Market for an unmatched variety of local produce – right from fresh strawberries and whipped cream to exquisite truffles. Brixton market too is a great place to visit even if you’re not looking to buy. It’s very popular for exotic staples, halal meat and seafood.

2. Explore the city on cycle

One of the best ways to explore London is to do so on a bicycle. Enjoy your coffee on one end of the city and devour lunch on the other, travelling through galleries, wide alleys, parks and historical centres. To help you along this wanderlust stricken path, The LaLit London curates exciting bike tours so you can conveniently discover the best that London has to offer. Especially the eastern part of London is a picturesque trail, brought to life with vibrant street art everywhere you look.

3. Discover untouched corners of London

London has witnessed eras go by, transforming a little with every passing influence. It’s no wonder that the city has many popular thoroughfares and tourist attractions that are a must visit. At the same time, there’s also an abundance of hidden corners and unchartered spots that not everyone talks about. Avoid long queues at popular attractions, instead look for pop-ups and drop by as many pubs as you can. In London, pubs are more than just bars – they’re a melting pot of cultural and social exchanges. The most important thing to remember is to ask questions; figure out where the locals go and you’re guaranteed to see a wanderlust stricken side of London that you didn’t know existed.

What makes London truly special is its dynamic character. From the tastiest food to long bike rides and artsy corners, there’s something for everyone here. Embrace your inner quest for wanderlust as you stay with us at The LaLiT London, counted among the best hotels near the Shard. The hotel is conveniently located in the city centre for you to immerse yourself in the British capital’s charm and unmatched beauty.

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