Know your Sommelier

Abhishek Sen, 29 yrs old.

1. What do you do at the Lalit?

I’m the Sommelier here.

2. How long have you worked here.

I joined the Lalit a year ago and otherwise I’ve been in the wine industry for over a year and a half.

3. What do you like most about your job?

The best part about work is that it allows me to interact with guests directly. I also like the whole process of uncorking a bottle of wine and serving it to guests and talking to them about the wine.

 4. What is the basis on which you recommend a wine to a guest?

For a guest who is trying it for the first time I usually suggest a sweet and aromatic white wine since the Indian palette is used to sweet flavours. But many of our guests are well traveled and are very knowledgeable about wine in general so I recommend something similar incase what they ask for is not available.

 5. What sort of activities do you conduct at The Lalit to create more awareness about wine?

We have 3 wine cellars in the hotel and we organize an event at least once a month for our guests. At the bread bar in Baluchi we organize wine dinners where we pair different wines with Indian breads. Our privilege card holders are invited to these.

 6. If you had to choose a wine that goes well with Indian food what would it be?

Shiraz of Australia goes very well with Indian food. It has the aromas of raspberry and strawberry and has a peppery and spicy taste.

 7. What are your favourite wines?

If it’s white wine I like the Reisling, native to Germany, since it very versatile and can be paired with different types of food. As far as red wine goes I like the Shiraz from Australia, since it goes well with Indian food.

8. Any recommendations for wine this season?

The new world wines are very good and coming up in a big way. They are also priced lower than the French classics and are good value for money.


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