Kerala – What Makes It A Unique Holiday Destination

The smell of lush green tea gardens, sight of serene backwaters and a stunning coastline – Kerala is truly God’s own country. Tourists from all over the world travel to the south Indian state to experience a melting pot of culture, tradition, and exotic culinary flavours. Enjoy a cup of piping hot tea while overlooking the beautiful scenery from hill resorts in Kerala, spend a relaxing day in the spa or experience the local culture through traditional performances. With so many exciting things to do, a getaway in Kerala invariably makes for a fantastic holiday.


Soak in the rich cultural heritage of Kerala with a lively Kathakali performance. Here, the performers do not speak or sing but enact out the story with graceful facial expressions and postures. You could also catch a vibrant Koothu, Mohiniyattam or Bharatnatyam performance and explore the local traditions of the state. Kerala is the birthplace of Kalaripayattu, one of the oldest martial art forms in the world. It is an absolute treat to watch brave daredevils bring this nail biting act to life.


Kerala is the land of Ayurveda – a 5,000-year-old method of natural healing with its origins in India’s Vedic culture. Your holiday is definitely incomplete without a relaxing Ayurvedic treatment at one of the top five star hotels in Kerala. Not only do Ayurvedic treatments help you feel instantly rejuvenated and refreshed but also cure various ailments and illnesses. Rejuve – The Spa at The LaLiT Resort and Spa Bekal is a serene haven in God’s Own Country. This is the perfect place for those seeking Ayurvedic healing and curative therapies in their most authentic and traditional form.

Stretching across 20,000 sq.ft. amidst landscaped gardens, Rejuve – The Spa has 13 multi-functional treatment rooms for herbal, Ayurvedic, international, aroma and beauty therapies apart from detox, rejuvenation and weight management programs. An eye catching feature of the spa is its herbal garden that is laid in the shape of a human body. It is interestingly made of plants that are distributed according to their use on specific parts of the body.


Local cuisine here is not only distinctive but also delectable. One of Kerala’s must-have dishes includes Appam with stew. Appams are light and fluffy pancakes made using rice. Being crispy on the sides and moist in the middle, they have a unique texture that will definitely leave you wanting for more. Appams are best enjoyed with meat or vegetable stew that is flavoured with aromatic spices. Kerala is also known for its delicious sea food – from signature ‘Karimeen’ to Prawn ‘Moilee’, there are so many scrumptious treats to try.

Even though it is pleasant all year round, winters are considered the best time to visit the beautiful state of Kerala. Temperatures range from 17-30 degrees Celsius, which is perfect to enjoy a relaxing holiday basking under the winter sun.

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