Kerala is With You—Solo Traveller

Kerala is one of the most beautiful states in India and it is not a surprise that when people think of travelling India, Kerala is at the top of their list. It is home to rolling tea plantations, vast game reserves and surreal backwaters; and when it comes to food, climate and the people, this place has the best of all worlds.

Whether it is luxury resorts in Kerala or nature at its best, Kerala truly wins the hearts of all the people who visit her. And what is more fun is to visit Kerala alone, on a solo trip! This way you’re able to exercise a bit of spontaneity and enjoy everything that Kerala has to offer.

Luxury Resorts in Kerala

Here are some things you can do as a solo traveller in Kerala:

  1. Bekal

A coastal town in Kerala, Bekal is famous for its seventeenth-century Bekal Fort, which has a fascinating architecture. Scenes from the critically acclaimed Mani Ratnam’s film, Bombay and one of its ever popular melodies, ‘Tu Hee Re’ was shot at Bekal Fort. It has been constructed in the shape of a keyhole, with red-brick towers overlooking the vast Arabian Sea. Next to the fort is the Mukhyaprana temple, dedicated to Hanuman. When in Bekal, you must stay in The Lalit Resort and Spa for a holistic experience. It is also a hub of some of the most exquisite Kerala restaurants, serving organic food and romantic gazebo dinners overlooking the sea.

  1. Valiyaparamba Backwaters and Thejaswani River

Halfway between Kannur and Kasaragod, Kerala’s ‘northern backwaters’, as it is called, offers an enigmatic and calm alternative to the more popular waterways in south. The large water body of Valiyaparamba is joined by five rivers, which includes the Thejaswini. The best part about this water body is that it is surrounded by lush green groves of palm trees. There are many houseboats one can choose for day cruises to enjoy the experience.

  1. Palakunnu Sri Bhagavathi Temple

Bang on the highway from Mangalore to Kerala is located the Devi temple at Palakunnu. It is famous for its festivities, especially during March and April. The best part about this temple is that various offerings can be made here based on the person’s chosen prayer to the goddess. This temple is also known for annual fireworks and folk art festivals.

  1. Neeleshwaram

Neeleshwaram is known as the cultural capital or ‘Paithrika Nagari’ of North Malabar. This is because of the deep concentration of music, dance and temple-related festivals in this town. The third largest town in Kaasaragod District, it lies between teo rivers namely Neeleshwaram River and Thejaswini River. One here, one can explore the Bhadrakali Temple, Forest Shrine, Mohyidheen Juma Masjidh, Nileshwar Palace, The Sacred Tree, amongst other fascinating sights.

  1. Silent Valley in Palakkad

This valley is a vast expanse of greenery surrounded by high ridges on three sides. It is only interrupted by River Kunthi. Silent Valley is rich in natural beauty and is the most beautiful during monsoon. One can see myriad shades of green all around and it is also vibrant when it comes to flora and fauna. From animals like lion-tailed macaque, leopard, Nilgiri Tahr, Malabar giant squirrel, etc, this place is also full of birds like thrushes, koels, Tailorbirds, and varieties of hornbill.

  1. Wayanad

For the adventure lovers, Wayanad is ideal as it offers trekking, mountain climbing and fun activities like jungle safari. You can also relax in the resorts there after a long day with a soothing Ayurvedic massage.

The best time to visit Kerala is the monsoon season as the temperature is pleasant at that time of the year. Even in the months of December and January, the climate remains good without being too warm or too cold. However, since Kerala is tropical, it remains hot and humid in the other months. So, make sure you plan accordingly to get the best out of your vacation.

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